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Global Vision of OKCHEM

Global Vision of OKCHEM2017.05.11

Global Vision of OKCHEMKevin Xu, CEO of OKCHEM, delivered an internal speech about the global vision of OKCHEM for new employees on May 4, 2017

Written by John Wilson

Greetings new employees! I’m here today to talk to you about the global vision of OKCHEM, featuring the slogan: " Your Trusted Partner for Global Chemical Business. " I also hope you all grow up fast in our big family and make company even better.


Here is our global vsion of OKCHEM:

  1. To be a trustful platform for global chemical business
  2. Provide value to manufacturers and customers
  3. Become a global technology leader in segments of chemical fields


How to implement our vision?

Let's put this into some currently economic background first before answering. After the global economic crisis in 2008, the trend of the whole development of economy shows "L" form. It is in a slow developmental stage right now, which may keep lasting 5-8 years.


In the current environment, the economy in other energy-oriented countries are pretty bad. China is confronting very difficult times too.


Global economic stagnation may lasts for a while, but there will be a big chance to erupt once the global economy is out of stagnation. Therefore, we should be preparing for that, and work harder.


The future world is a global village, like a plant. Transport products from workshop in China to workshop out of China, which realize the effectual adjustment of resource around the world. This is global strategy.


What OKCHEM values most is that we dedicated to providing convenient and safe chemical trade and one-stop solution to chemical suppliers and buyers globally, and increasing the value of international chemical trade.


Also We have branch offices around the world enables us to help manufacturers sell and customers quick sourcing. As for segments of chemicals, we are making overall arrangement, including cooperation with university laboratories, factories, even overseas technical personnel in the future.


This is the reason why we need to attach importance to talent cultivation, to invite competent person to join OKCHEM. And then Mr Kevin offered some encouragement for new employees, what he said as follows:


I’d like to recommend everyone present here to actively go out, because by doing this you gain broader career development opportunities, better problem solving capabilities. It is possible that everyone here has the chance to be national representatives.


OKCHEM is in the rapid and changing development stage, which brings you lots of opportunities. As  new comers, you come to OKCHEM to find problems, to solve problems, and to help OKCHEM realize it's vision.


I believe everyone has their own goals, but your goal should complement the company's vision as you are one member of OKCHEM. We should furthermore work together to realize the value of life, make a difference, and reach OKCHEM’s goal. Let’s roll up our sleeves, work in a down-to-earth way.


In the end, I believe our vision will ultimately be accomplished!


The one and a half hour lecture was full of good advice and kind words, members in OKCHEM not only benefit a lot from this speech contest, but also impressed by Mr.Kevin as a highly intelligent, driven, charming and a professional person. In the future, OKCHEM will make new breakthroughs.

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