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Food grade phosphoric acid uses

Food grade phosphoric acid uses2016.09.08

Food grade phosphoric acid is a kind of cheap sour agent. It can replace citric acid for the production of a variety of drinks. According to the introduction, some beverages like cola is a dilute phosphoric acid as the main body, and supplemented by a variety of flavoring agents. Food grade phosphoric acid is the basic raw material for the production of food grade phosphate. According to the food grade phosphoric acid, it can produce multi series, multi variety of food grade phosphate.

Phosphate in food performs well, such as it can adjust, improve the structure, color, aroma and taste of food, as well as to improve the performance of food in baking. As phosphorus is an essential element of the human body, so food grade phosphate and food grade phosphate have been widely used as food additives in the developed countries. In the production process of meat products, in order to make the products form integrity, good color, quality and tender, gloss, it often mixed with some phosphate as quality improvement agent. This can increase water retention performance of meat, improve the meat's tenderness and cohesiveness.

The other name are rthophosphoric acid; Phosphoric Acid, Sonac; white phosphoric acid; Phosphoric acid, food grade; PA; Phosphoric acid food grade. The product is a colorless, transparent or slightly lighter liquid with a relative density of 1.70. The melting point of 42.35℃. Phosphoric acid as the necessary components to constitute human bone, tooth and a variety of enzymes.

Edible phosphoric acid has many uses. It can be used for flavoring agent; it is sour agent applied to liquid, solid beverage, can and soft drinks to replace the citric acid and malic acid; it can replace lactic acid to adjust the pH value in the beer saccharification process; it functions as clarifying agent for sugar industry sugar; it uses for yeast nutritional agent in wine to prevent bacteria breeding; it is also flour improver. At the same time, it also widely used in high precision electronic industry, pharmaceutical industry, etc.

The packaging of edible phosphoric acid should have words of food additive. It packaged by polyethylene plastic bucket with inner and outer sealing cover. There should be marked product name, specification, net weight, "corrosive goods" signs on the package. It should be stored in a cool, ventilated warehouse. High concentration of phosphoric acid in the winter cold areas should pay attention to heat preservation, prevent icing, to prevent leakage of the container rupture. It can not mix with alkali, toxic substances and other corrosive substances storage and transportation. More information about chemicals, please visit homepage or follow us linkedin page right now!

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