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Food Grade Bentonite Clay

Food Grade Bentonite Clay2017.10.25

food grade bentonite clay

Main use of food grade bentonite clay

Food grade bentonite clay is made of high quality bentonite bulk through sodium modification, washing and purification of refined production process. It’s milky white, tasteless powder.

Food grade bentonite clay is used as adsorbent, filter aid, clarifier and bleaching agent, in wine, fruit and vegetable juice, tea drinks, etc. Food grade bentonite clay adsorbs, wraps and precipitates the residue, protein and fine impurities in the wine and juice.

How food grade bentonite clay works

Food grade bentonite clay has a unique crystal structure. Because of this structure, it has a large surface area, strong expansion, adsorption and decolorization. The expansibility and negative charge of food grade bentonite clay can effectively adsorb suspended particulates like proteins, pigments and other positive charge.

Bentonite clay resources

Bentonite clay resources are mainly distributed in China, the United States, Russia, Greece, Turkey, Germany, Uk, Canada, Australia and other countries. China, the United States and Russia have 75% of global bentonite reserves.

Calcium bentonite is world-wide distributed, but sodium bentonite is relatively rare.

However, food grade sodium bentonite is much more superior in properties than calcium bentonite clay food grade.

China has rich bentonite resources, with total reserves of 2.46 billion tons. Sodium bentonite and calcium bentonite account for about 27% and 31% of the total reserves respectively. The rest are aluminum bentonite and hydrogen bentonite. Speaking of food grade sodium bentonite clay, it’s also the most used kind of bentonite clay in food and beverage industry. Sodium bentonite reserves in China, is about 586.343 million tons.

Where to buy food grade bentonite clay

There are 43 large and medium - sized deposits in China. Most of them are are distributed in Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Zhejiang, and other provinces. Linan, Zhejiang has found the first large sodium bentonite deposit.

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