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CMMEA-New Product for Washing

CMMEA-New Product for Washing2018.08.01

As a kind of non-ionic surfactant, cocamide methyl MEA (CMMEA) is widely used in beauty toiletries, and can be found in more than 1,300 types of washing products on the market.

Product Characteristics And Applications

Surfactants can be used for many purposes, and the CMMEA can be mainly used as thickener and foam stabilizer due to its surface tension and hydrophilicity. In another word, CMMEA has hydrophilic and hydrophobic groups, which can reduce the surface energy of the solution.

With good frost resistance and heat resistance, CMMEA can effectively avoid crystal precipitation at low temperature or coloration at high temperature. And it’s very easy to use because it can be dissolved in water and surfactant system without the heating process.

Thanks to its light color, small odor, and less impurities, CMMEA can be used as an advanced cosmetic ingredient and can emulsify oily ingredient for stabilizing all kinds of cosmetics cream. It can also be used in almost all sorts of personal care products due to the lipid layer protecting the skin and its anti-static property. It can improve the oil removing and decontamination performance of the liquid detergent, especially suitable for the difficult thickening liquid detergent formulation, and can enhance hard-water tolerance of soap.


Comparison With Similar Products

As a mild and effective surfactant, CMMEA has many better properties than ionic surfactants, CMEA and 6501.

It has a lot of advantages over the ionic surfactants. CMMEA, as the nonionic surfactant, is more safe and less irritating to the skin, and can be widely used in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. It has high stability and is not susceptible to strong electrolytes, inorganic salts and acid or alkali; it can be compatible and compounded with anionic, cationic surfactants or amphoteric surfactants.

When compared with the traditional 6501 and CMEA, CMMEA has the following  advantages:

  1. 1. It does not contain diethanolamine and nitrosamine which are limited in the European Union, therefore, it is free of the harm and more cost-effective.
  1. 2. It can be better used as thickener, foam booster and foam stabilizer.
  1. 3. Addition of 1% CMMEA in the liquid wash formulation can reach to the same result as 1.5% of 6501.
  1. 4. CMMEA can improve the pearlescent appearance of the product.

Jiangsu Qingting Washing Products Co., Ltd – The First CMMEA Supplier on OKCHEM

Jiangsu Qingting Washing Products Co., Ltd is a manufacturer dedicated to the R&D, production and sales of the surfactants and detergents.

With the support of key funds from the Ministry of Science and Technology, Jiangsu Qingting has developed and produced the advanced CMMEA products which can meet the international market trend of health, and comply with the safety and environmental requirements of surfactants and detergents.

The CMMEA from Jiangsu Qingting has been very popular, well received and appreciated by the consumers since its first appearance on the market. Now, Jiangsu Qingting has become the first CMMEA supplier on OKCHEM, and is providing a large number of quality products. The buyers can directly contact or chat with the company on OKCHEM for cooperation or for further details.

Jiangsu Qingting Washing Products on OKCHEM:

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