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Why Use ESO?

Why Use ESO?2017.03.22

ESO is acronym for epoxidized soya bean. It mainly consists of linoleic acid (51%~57%), oleic acid (32%~36%), palmitic acid (2.4%~2.8%), stearic acid (4.4%~4.6%). It is pale yellow oily liquid with a relative density of 0.989. ESO is soluble in alkanes and most organic solvents, but slightly soluble in water.

Because of its good heat resistance, light resistance, inter permeability, low temperature flexibility as well as low volatility, harmless and green, ESO has a wide range of applications and particularly been used as plasticizers in food grade and pharmaceutical plastic packaging.

ESO oil is mostly used in PVC processing. The epoxy groups can capture free radical Cl- separated and degradated from PVC, the degradation of PVC free radical reactions, slow down degradation rate and improve light resistance, heat resistance and oil resistance of PVC products. It has plasticizing effect on PVC, also stablizes the active chlorine atoms in the PVC chain. It can absorb heat and light degradation of HCl quickly, thus blocking continuous decomposition of PVC.


Here are features of ESO:

1. Non-toxic

ESO meets the requirements of U.S. FDA food additive regulations, and obtain recognition of Japan JHPA (PVC food hygiene Association) PL specifications [B.7 (1)] (accreditation number J-7059). It is especially suitable for materials for food packaging and medical use.

2. Low Volatile and Migration Resistance

B-22 and B-22D has about 1000 molecular weight when used as plasticizers in PVC. Its volatile is 1/5 of DOP, but the solvent resistance is far superior to DOP.

3. Excellent Weather Resistance and Heat Resistance

When used with metal stabilizers together in PVC, B-22 has a synergistic effect, which greatly increases weather resistance, heat resistance and transparency of PVC resin, meanwhile, it reduces dosage of valium therefore cuts costs.

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