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What is E955 Sweetener

What is E955 Sweetener2017.05.26

E955 Sweetener structural formulaSucralose(E955) is a disaccharide, chemically known as  4,1',6',-trichloro-4,1',6'trideoxy-Pentagalactosucrose, a strong food sweetener under the brand name Splenda, TGS for short.

There has been an increasing demand on high quality and high safety food sweetener. Sucralose(E955) is a kind of artificial sweetener, which possesses the feature of low-calories, high sweetness, high safety and excellent sweet characteristics. Therefore it becomes an ideal artificial sweetener.

Sucralose(E955), discovered in 1976 by scientists from Tate & Lyle, was launched on the market in 1988. There has been over 80 countries certified to use this product so far. It is the leading role on the peak of high intensity sweetener’s development.

Sucralose is soluble in water and can be used in water-based and alcoholic-based food and beverages. Besides, adding sucralose to sodas does not form the excessive foam because of its low surface tension of solution.

As the strong sweetener, it is about 600-800 times sweeter than sugar. However, without the calories of sugar, or the bitter aftertaste like other popular sweeteners.

It has the most approximate sugar flavor among saccharin, alitame-k and aspartame. Besides, it has high compatibility with food, beverages and other sweeteners.

Sucralose also has high stability. Scientist Houtchinson did an experiment, he put sucralose separately in different PH value of 3, 5, 7 at 100 degree for 1 hour, no matter in what conditions, sucralose is contained up to 98%. At the same time, sucralose does not react with any composition or ingredient that in food or beverages.

A study shows that sucralose does not have the feature of bioaccumulation. In other words, human body can’t absorb most sucralose (near 85%), we will eventually excreted it in the stool.

Health officials around the world has approved its safety based on lots food security researches. Now sucralose is used in more than 4500 kinds of food, beverages and medical products.

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