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E270: Lactic Acid Food Additive- OKCHEM


Lactic acid(E270), also called ‘milk acid’, is an organic compound in the form of CH3CH(OH)COOH. The first lactic acid separation was carried out by Carl William Scheleer in 1780. Lactic acid belongs to the carboxylic acid family, it occurs in the blood during the process of glycolysis. But it is far from enough for world lactic acid demand. Therefore, other ways of making lactic acid is through industrial synthetics or fermentative production.

E270: Lactic Acid Food Additive- OKCHEM


The Property of Lactic Acid(E270)

It is white and water-soluble in solid state, and clear in liquid state. It can be defined a weak acid because of its partial dissociation in water and the correlated acid dissociation constant.


Uses of Lactic Acid in Food Industry

Used as the acidfier in meat, salad, dressings, pickled vegetables, candies and beverages. Conservation and seasoning is the main function.


Meat, Poultry and Fish

Used in the form of sodium lactate to extend the shelf life,  improve food safety and the flavor of meats.



As acidity regulator in soft drinks and fruit juice due to its mild flavor.


Pickled Vegetable

Lactic acid is good at preserving vegetables that kept in salt water from decay.


Dairy Products

Combined with the taste of dairy products and the good antibacterial action of lactic acid, makes lactic acid a good acidifier for many dairy products.


Baked Goods

Lactic acid is a natural acid which can be directly acidified in the production of sour dough, and gives the bread its characteristic flavor.


Beneficial Lactic Acid Bacteria in Food

Lactic Acid Bacteria is the multiple bacteria that mainly produces lactic acid. It has  enormous beneficial effects in human body including alleviating lactose intolerance, diarrhea, peptic ulcer, the stimulation of immune system, antiallergic effects and antifungal actions. The benefits of lactic acid is as follows:

  1. Improve the nutritional value of food
  2. Controlthe intestinal infection
  3. Improve lactose digestion
  4. lowerserum cholesterol levels


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