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Is your dietary fiber up to standard today?

Is your dietary fiber up to standard today?2021.03.01

Dietary fiber is a kind of carbohydrate in plant food which can not be digested by digestive enzymes in human body. It is called "the seventh nutrient". From the chemical point of view, dietary fiber is defined as plant non starch polysaccharides and lignin.


Although dietary fiber can not be digested and absorbed by human body, it plays an important physiological role in the body and is an essential nutrient to maintain human health.


The World Health Organization suggests: Supplement 25g dietary fiber every day.


The U.S. Department of Health recommends that adult men supplement 38g dietary fiber daily and adult women supplement 25g dietary fiber daily.


According to the 2013 edition of China's reference intake of dietary nutrients for Chinese residents, 25-30g dietary fiber is recommended for adults.


Food sources of dietary fiber


Dietary fiber mainly comes from plant food, such as bran and bran of grain, which contains a lot of cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin; citrus, apple, banana, lemon and other fruits and vegetables such as cabbage, beet, alfalfa, pea, broad bean contain more pectin. In addition to the natural state of dietary fiber contained in natural foods, there are also dietary fiber products extracted from natural foods.


NuFiber® Resistant Dexin of Jianlong Biotechnology Co., Ltd


Resistant dextrin is a kind of natural small molecule water-soluble dietary fiber obtained from corn starch after enzymatic hydrolysis, fibrosis, purification and drying. It is a kind of white or light yellow powder, colorless or light yellow liquid, containing a large number of starch cross-linking bonds, and will not be hydrolyzed by human digestive enzymes.


OKCHEM and Jianlong Biotechnology Co., Ltd work together to look for long term partners in purchasing or distributing our dietary fiber resistant dextrin.

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Resistant dextrin is processed from starch and is a low-calorie glucan obtained by saccharification of starch and then fibrosisreaction of liquid sugar and purification. Resistant dextrin belongs to low-molecular and water-soluble dietary fibers. As a low-calorie soluble food raw material, it has a broad development prospect in the food industry.

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