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Daily chemicals in our life

Daily chemicals in our life2017.01.20

The main ingredients of daily chemicals are surfactant of anionic, non-ionic, amphoteric, cationic, then is function additive.

Kitchen detergents can be roughly divided into fresh food, tableware detergents and kitchen detergents. There are many strict requirements to food and food containers. So, the composition of kitchen detergents and washing method has its particularities.

As dishwashing detergent pay more attention to decontamination ability and bubble functions, so dishwashing detergent generally do not use low foaming surfactant.

The commonly used surfactant of hand dishwashing detergents has sodium linear alkyl benzene sulfonate (LAS), fatty alcohol polyoxyethylene ether sulfate (AES), Allah--vinyl sulfonate (AOS), fatty acid alkanolamide, fatty Alcohol Ethoxylates (AE or AEO), fatty alcohol sulfates(FAS), alkyl sulfonate (SAS), amine oxide, alkyl glycosides (APG). LAS, AES, FAS, SAS, SOS is the main component of hand dishwashing detergents.

Coconut powder, coconut oil can make the kitchen cleaner more lubrication, they are effective to clean. Coconut powder is made from coconut, it is a fruit with a high nutritional value. The effect of coconut powder and coconut oil is lubrication. We can better protect the skin when use with this component.


Dishwashing detergent rarely using just one surfactant. Two or more than two kinds of surfactant tends to have better washing effect than single surfactant. Commonly used system are LAS/AES; LAS/AE/FAA; AES/OA; AES/AOS/OA; etc.

Concentrated laundry detergent mainly consists of high content surfactant as the main actives, and accompanied by sodium carbonate, silicate, anti-redeposition agents and other additives. Some products also have functional additive ingredients such as bleaching and sterilization.

Softeners has powder and liquid two kinds. Softening agent can solve the problem of rough feel, and it can make the surface and inside of the fabric smooth.

Toilet cleaners and kitchen cleaners are different. Toilet cleaners contain pesticides, sodium hypochlorite bleach and other chemicals, so toilet cleaner is acid. Kitchen cleaners are mainly fatty alcohol polyoxyethylene ether, polyethylene glycol cocoate, ethylene glycol monobutyl ether, propylene glycol butyl ether and 0.5% of ammonia, so the kitchen detergent is alkaline. If you have interest in daily chemicals such as kitchen cleaners, fabric cleaners, toilet cleaners, personal care chemicals, etc, please visit directly!

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