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What are the commonly used stabilizers

What are the commonly used stabilizers2017.02.13

During molding and use process of plastics, the high polymer material will make molecular structure damaged due to effects of physical and chemical. Therefore, it makes polymers lose original properties, which is known as plastic aging. Stabilizer that can prevent or delay the aging of materials. Stabilizers include heat stabilizers, light stabilizers and antioxidants.

Heat Stabilizers

Heat stabilizers are mainly used in PVC resin. The development of heat stabilizer and the developments of PVC products are closely related. The role of heat stabilizer is to prevent or delay the decomposition of plastic in the processing or use. As there are many varieties, heat stabilizers can be divided into basic lead salts, metallic soaps, organic Tin, organic stabilizer and stabilizers according to the chemical structure.


Air oxygen has no impact on plastic at room temperature or in the dark, but oxidation in the presence of temperature or the light. It makes plastic color changed, decrease strength, crack and so on. Antioxidants are those that can inhibit or slow the oxidative degradation of the plastic material. Its role is to ensure the smooth progress of plastic molding and extend the life of products. According to the mechanism, antioxidants are divided into two categories: free radical inhibitors and peroxide decomposers. Free radical inhibitors are also known as the major antioxidant, mainly are hindered phenolics, antioxidant 264 is one of the most commonly used one. Antioxidant 2246, antioxidant 1010 are mainly for the resin of PVC, LDPE, PP, PS, ABS etc. Peroxide decomposers are also known as secondary antioxidant, represents variety is thio diacrylate esters, such as DLTP, DSTP. Secondary antioxidants include thio ester and phosphite esters also, the main varieties are TPP, TNP, ODP, etc, which is mainly used in polyolefin resins.

Light Stabilizers

Stabilizers Di—TMP

Plastics will aging rapidly under the sunshine, high energy γ-ray irradiation, it becomes brittle, cracked, yellowed or loss surface shine, etc. Meanwhile, the mechanical and electrical properties significantly decreases so that it finally could not be used. Light stabilizer that can shield ultraviolet or UV absorption, then convert it into harmless heat energy, so as to inhibit and delay the ageing process of plastic products in the sunlight of the material. According to its its mechanism, it can be divided into the following four categories: UV absorbers, pioneer-UV absorbers, quenching, light shield agents. If you have interest in plastics stabilizers or other plastic raw materials, please visit!

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