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Chemical materials for leather processing

Chemical materials for leather processing2016.11.07

Chemical materials for leather includes enzyme, surfactant, leather wet processing agents, tanning, dyeing, fatliquoring agents, finishing agents. During leather processing, different cortex use different chemical materials to processing, this to ensure and improve the quality of the product. Similarly, in the renovating of leather care, it must also comply with the principle.

Raw hide treatment material

Raw hide processing including fresh skin antisepsis, preservation of dry skin, soak, skim, liming, pickling, hair removal and other process used chemical materials. These chemical materials used in leather processing mostly are universal acid, alkali and salt surfactants, etc. In addition to General chemical materials, there are special chemical material or common chemicals used in a single process, including leather degreaser, liming agent, preservative, insecticide, and so on.

Tanning materials

Tannins are chemicals that can increase shrinkage temperature of raw hide and made into leathers. Tanning agent forms Intermolecular bonds with two or more than two hot-spot of collagen structures. Sometimes, part of the response point in molecular chain of collagen can be added and produce more new Intermolecular cross-linking, then it has tanning effect.


Dyeing is an important process in leather production. Dyeing leather can be given a variety of bright and strong colors, improving the performance of leather. Leather dyes can be classified special dye for leather and universal dyes. The special dyes has dip-dyes and colored dyes. Universal dyes commonly used in textile dyeing of direct dyes, acid dyes, and so on.

direct dyes

Lubricating greasing materials

Leather fat-liquoring is an important process. Fatliquoring agent is chemical materials for leather fat-liquoring. According to the different raw materials, fatliquoring agents can be divided into natural oils (oils) and its processed products, mineral oil and its processed products, and synthetic oils.

Finishing material

Leather is processed products by various animals. In order to hide the skin defects of the original and enhance durability, leather finishing materials are developed. Basic ingredients of finishing agents are film-forming agent (or glue), coloring agent, thickening agents, levelling agents, plasticizers, softeners, Crosslinking agents and other auxiliary materials.

Functional finishing materials

Functional finishing material make up for leather tanning and finishing defects or improve, add some features. According to recent developments, fillers, feeling agents, preservatives and other functional finishing materials have become independent system. They are indispensable to the production of high-grade leather material.

Fur materials

The process of fur production including preparation operation, tanning and finishing processes. Each process requires the use of some chemical materials. Chemical materials for fur production mostly the same with leather materials. But fur hairs need to be processed to improve the luster of hair dye and use value. If you have interest, follow OKCHEM here, thanks!

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