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Catalyst in chemical production

Catalyst in chemical production2016.09.21

Catalyst will induce a chemical reaction changes to make the reaction faster or slow. Catalyst's own composition, property and quality does not change before and after the reaction. Its relationship with reaction system just like a lock and key, it has high selectivity or specificity. It does not have catalyst for all chemical reactions. For example, manganese dioxide has catalytic when potassium chlorate is heated and decomposed, speeding up the chemical reaction rate,. But it does not necessarily have a catalytic role to other chemical reactions. Some chemical reactions are not the only catalyst, because during the heat and decomposition of potassium chlorate, magnesium oxide, iron oxide, copper oxide, etc play a role of catalytic.

Catalyst in chemical production

Catalyst plays an important role in chemical production, scientists experiment and life activities. For example, five oxidation II vanadium as catalyst in the sulfuric acid production. In refinery factory, select different catalyst can get different quality of gasoline and kerosene. Car exhaust has carbon monoxide and a oxidation nitrogen, so use platinum or other metal as catalyst can quickly turn the two into harmless carbon dioxide and nitrogen. Enzyme has catalytic capacity of protein produced by plant, animal and microbial. Brewing industry and pharmaceutical industry are all need catalyst. The chemical reaction of molecular is done with less energy in the environment of catalyst.

The amount of it is small, but the function is large. They are used for catalytic reactions of polymerization, polycondensation, esterifying, Acetal, hydrogenation, dehydrogenation, oxidation, reduction, alkylation, isomerization, etc. However, the catalyst cannot change the thermodynamic equilibrium. It can only affect the rate of reaction equilibrium. Speed up reaction called positive catalysts, otherwise it is negative catalyst. Commonly it refers to positive catalysts.

Such chemical has become the Centre of polymer synthesis. It not only determines the speed of chemical reactions, but also affects the economic efficiency of the production process. It has wide range of catalysts, which can be formed by one or several substances. Some are single compound, some are mixtures, some are complex. Commonly used are metal, metal oxide, sulfide, pH, biological catalysts and so on. OKCHEM blog updates knowledge and information about chemicals and precise datas of China chemicals, if you have interest, please follow us on linkedin or visit OKCHEM.COM.


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