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Fluorescent Dye

Fluorescent Dye2018.11.27

Fluorescent dye is a new type dye developing rapidly in recent years. As a functional material, it has successfully won attentions from the specialists from various industries. 

What is fluorescent dye?
Fluorescent dyes, also known as reactive dyes or fluorophores, are defined as compounds which both absorb and emit strongly in the visible region, and which owe their potential for application to their intense fluorescence properties.

Characteristics of fluorescent dyes

Fluorescent dyes have excellent chemical structures, stable reactive group, good photostability, higher fluorescence brightness, broader pH range tolerance (stable within the pH 2 -11), better permeability and lower background. 

Fluorescent dyes contain perssad, which bioconjugates with nucleic acid, carbohydrate and peptide. This bioconjugation has good stability and high labeling efficiency. Compared with other fluorescent material or color marker, fluorescent dyes have better efficiency of solvent discoloration.

Types of fluorescent dyes
1.Coumarins compound
Coumarin and its derivatives are fluorescent materials, which are developed from plants. More than 100 coumarins compounds have been found so far. As flurescent material with good stability, many natural and synthetic coumarins compounds can be used as flourescent brightener, laser and fluorescent dye.

2.Other fluorescent dyes
Beside coumarin, quinoxaline derivative, light-sensitive fluorescent materials, sulfonated xanthonoid derivative and anthranilic acid amide compound are also used as fluorescent dyes. 

Application fields 
Due to high emission intensity, bright color and intense fluorescence, fluorescent dyes are widely used in textile, biological, chemical and medical fields.

Fluorescent dye has become favored choices of consumers since its appearance on the market. With the development of technology, its application range may be further extended in the future. 

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