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Application of TPE

Application of TPE2017.01.03

TPE has excellent weatherability, coloring, temperature resistance, as well as good process performance. It not only secondary injection molding, coating and adhesion with PP, PE, PC, PS, ABS and other body material, but also separately molded. It is nontoxic and security.


Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) is widely used in various fields

TPE applications in the field of wire and cable

Traditionally wires and cables mostly use PVC as insulation and coating materials, because of environmental problems caused by PVC material, this replaced by TPE materials.

TPE applications of kitchen and sanitary ware

TPE material can fully play a role in the grease and moist environment of kitchen and toilet. Kitchen handle wrapped with TPE is anti-slip and comfortable, kitchen knife and scissors with slip circle package is more solid and more security.

TPE application of tool handles

In a way of two materials-plastic, TPE applied to tool handles, it provides products with non-slip and shock-absorbing, soft and warm comfort, as well as improve durability and value of products. Oil-proof and soft anti-slip properties of TPE makes electric drill more reliably in the greasy dirt and dust work environment.

TPE application of baby products

Baby products requires a more high level of safety and health, the soft, high toughness and nontoxic properties of TPE just meet the strict requirements of the product.

TPE application of sports equipment

With excellent weather resistance and chemical resistance, TPE used in outdoor sports equipment has better performance than traditional rubber. Water supplies such as flippers, goggles, etc can still maintain good flexibility and resilience after seawater immersion and after sun exposure.

TPE application of airbag

TPE have a good air-tightness, elastomer PP plastic bags allow the airbag a better dispersion and cushioning impact.

Thermoplastic Elastomer is a combination of rubber and plastic properties of materials. It displays rubber elasticity at room temperature and plastic molding of polymer materials at high temperatures.

There are many different varieties of thermoplastic elastomer materials in OKCHEM, characteristic and application of the different kinds of TPE is different. For example, styrenic thermoplastic elastomers (TPS), thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer (TPU), PP/EPDM blending modification of TPV thermoplastic elastomers, Polyolefin elastomers (TPO) and thermoplastic polyester elastomer (TPEE). If you have interest in plastic raw materials such as TPE, please follow here or visit!

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