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Additives of coating raw materials

Additives of coating raw materials2016.10.18

Additives is one kind of coating raw materials. Adding small amount of additives can significantly improve the effectiveness and performance of coatings, as well as improve film performance. It must coordinate properties between keys so that coating with a variety of performances and special effects to meet these requirements. So fully grasp the main characteristics of raw materials such as resins, paints and solvents is the difficulties that the coating industry need to overcome. The fluidity of the paint, pigment dispersibility, leveling and clarity, ect relate to the coating effect.

Additives of coating raw materials

Additives play an important role in the paint and coatings industry. They mainly to prevent mildew and improve coating performance. The use of it is the key to improving the added value of products. However, improper use or add too much can cause the opposite effect. With the development of coatings industry, it requires to develop new products with high effective and performance.

The use of them relate to coatings ingredients, add method and add quantity. First, it should fully know about the mechanism and select properly. For example, if adsorbed on the surface, it 's better to add additives before adsorb other materials on the surface; if hope to have Physical change, it should fully know about coatings materials and additives performance to select. Besides, if need to use the surface characteristics of materials to make the separation effect and orientation appropriate, it needs to use good miscible polymer resin. Therefore, it needs to compare the solubility parameters of resins and additives before using. As different additives has different functions.

Here are the most commonly used coating additives.

Acrylic coating The greatest characteristic of acrylic is that it can be diluted with water. It is water soluble material, colorless, odorless. It has considerable flexibility and malleability after conjunctival. It is exceptionally dense waterproof material.

Polyurethane coatings is called "liquid rubber". It is one of the best properties of waterproof coating. Film tough, high tensile strength, good elongation, corrosion resistance, strong resistance to structural expansion and has a long service life.

Polymer cement waterproof coating is compound of synthetic polymer emulsion, powders and various additives.

Mortar waterproof coatings based on acrylic emulsion with a special cement, additives and fillers made by a certain percentage distribution of waterborne waterproof mortar. It can directly work on the surface of concrete construction and paste. If you have interest, please follow okchem linkedin page here.

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