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A Look Back at ABRAFATI 2017

A Look Back at ABRAFATI 20172017.10.13


Abrafati 2017 is the largest and most influential coatings exhibitions in South America. It was successfully held in São Paulo during October 3-5, 2017. The exhibition was firstly established in 1989. It is held every two years and this year is the 15th session. More than 200 coatings enterprises exhibited on this trade show.

The exhibitors included BASF, EVONIK, Dow, LANXESS and many other large multinational companies, also local distributors such as QUANTIQ, BRASCHEMICAL, METACHEM and SEARCH QUIMICA, as well as Wanhua and other dozens of Chinese enterprises.


A Look Back at ABRAFATI 2017


Brazil Market

Brazil is one of the world’s top six markets for coatings. In 2016, the Brazilian total production of coating industry was 1,506 billion liters and the profits was US$ 3,392 billion. As the Brazilian market is in the growth stage, it attracts many quality suppliers. However, the Brazilian market is highly sensitive to prices (as Maria Cristina Kobal C. de Carvalho, the chairman of the South American radiation-Curing Association, expressed on the show) and has demand for long payment terms. Many Chinese manufacturers are more worried about cash flow, exchange rate fluctuations and the risk of remittance.

Ms. Gloria, executive director of the B2B platform for the chemical industry, introduced that OKCHEM can provide Brazilian local buyers with 60 to 360 day payment terms(I.Q. Credit Loan) and view real-time quotes through Instantquote App. Both suppliers and buyers showed a great interest about the supply chain financing services. The localization team of OKCHEM also communicated with local buyers in a timely and effective manner.


New Studies

International Coatings Congress, held in the same period, attracted more than 200 experts and more than 130 research results were introduced and presented by reports and posters. This congress lasted three days with 6 sub venues. The theme of the show was resin, pigments, auxiliaries, paints, coatings and processing techniques.

Thirteen reports in the radiation curing seminar, which was jointly hosted by ABRAFATI and Radtech South America,, were respectively from the North American Radiation Curing Association, the South American Radiation Curing Association, eight companies and a university. The Mickey Fortune of the North American Radiation Curing Association introduced the market of radiation curing in North America and looked forward to the future of radiation curing in the future. Trends in 2030 include touch screens, custom shoe making, self-driving cars, 3D printing and material increasing manufacturing, consumer products, and some innovative materials.

Wraio Chemicals, the only company from China mainland, introduced the development and application of UV mono-coat color coating. Wraio is the certified professional UV coating manufacturers at Instantquote App, and join the exhibition with OKCHEM. The purchasers can view the real-time product quotes at InstantQuote. The report elaborately introduced the mono coat technique of using silver powder and coloured paint from the aspects of the technical advantages compared with the traditional coating technology, the technical requirements of application, the main points of formula design, the solution ideas and the choice of resins.

The University of San Francisco introduced what they and the University of Michigan had done about the biodegradation of inks that were coated on the surface of polyolefin by UV and EB curable technology for 6 months. The North American technical manager of the IGM company Susan E. Bailey has introduced a series of new polymeric oxidation acyl phosphine initiators, as well as the development of low viscosity polyurethane acrylate with high flexibility and elongation through two reports respectively. through two reports respectively.

Two reports of Allnex company, respectively, introduced a polyfunctional EB898 resin used for matte and ultra matte, and how to overcome oxygen resistance in UV LED, UVA and low energy curing. These methods and ideas include the modification by mercaptan, amine or ether, increase the functional degree or thickness of the coating, and reduce the distance between Low-energy light source and base material.

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