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Spot rubber shows mixed trend

Spot rubber shows mixed trend2019.11.28

Spot rubber showed a mixed trend on Tuesday. RSS 4 closed unchanged at Rs.130.50 per kg. The grade improved to Rs.130.50 (130.00) and Rs.126.50 (126.00) per kg respectively, according to the Rubber Board. While Latex continued to remain subdued, ISNR 20 improved on enquiries from the general rubber goods sector.

The December futures weakened to Rs. 132.90 (133.97), January to Rs. 134.28 (135.20) and February to Rs. 137.25 (138.62) per kg on the Indian Commodity Exchange (ICEX).

According to reports, Thailand, the world's biggest rubber producer and exporter is experimenting with drones as a tool to combat the leaf-attacking disease spreading through its largest growing region that could cut production by 50 per cent from affected trees. Authorities are waiting to assess the results of using drones to spray chemicals over the ailing trees after the one-week testing phase. “It is a better way to tackle the disease and also cost-effective," said Mr.Nakorn Takkavirapat, Deputy Governor of the state-owned Rubber Authority of Thailand.

RSS 3 (spot) slid to Rs. 111.37 (111.67) per kg at Bangkok. The December futures declined to Rs. 110.78 (112.47), January to Rs. 110.65 (112.87) and February to Rs.113.73 (115.70) per kg on the Tokyo Commodity Exchange (TOCOM).

Spot rubber rates (Rs/kg) were:
RSS-4: 130.50 (130.50)
RSS-5: 128.00 (128.00)
ISNR 20: 120.00 (119.50)
and Latex (60% drc): 89.50 (90.00).

Source: Business Line 

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