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The Importance of Titanium dioxide in Light Industry

The Importance of Titanium dioxide in Light Industry2020.03.18

Titanium dioxide is the most important white pigment in the field of industrial production. In China, titanium dioxide is the most widely used white inorganic pigment with the largest market demand. There are two types of titanium dioxide: one is rutile titanium dioxide. This type of titanium dioxide has very strong light resistance, and is widely used in areas such as the coating and products on the outdoor walls and objects of buildings; the second is anatase titanium dioxide, which is mainly used in the indoor coatings and objects of some buildings and houses, especially in the light industry, such as plastic industry, paper industry, rubber industry, etc.


Besides mainly used in coatings, titanium dioxide is also widely used light industry such as plastic industry, papermaking industry and rubber industry.

No.1 Plastic industry

The plastic industry is the second largest user of titanium dioxide. The consumption of titanium dioxide in the plastic production industry accounts for 20% of the total consumption in the titanium dioxide application field. There are more than 500 titanium dioxide brand types in the world, more than 50 of which are dedicated to the plastic industry. In particular, titanium dioxide has excellent physical and chemical properties such as weather resistance and dispersion, which greatly meet the requirements of production standards in terms of performance and quality of plastic industrial products.

With the continuous expansion of the application scope of plastic products, the requirements of performance standards in the field of production and manufacturing are becoming higher and higher. Titanium dioxide can effectively prevent the plastic from producing pores and other undesirable phenomena due to excessive evaporation of water during high-temperature extrusion. At the same time, it can also improve the whiteness of plastic products to meet the production demand of fundamentally removing heavy metals.

No.2 Papermaking industry

The paper industry is the third largest user of titanium dioxide. The application of titanium dioxide in papermaking industry is very similar to that in plastic production industry, both of which are used as basic pigments. In the application of paper industry, titanium dioxide can also be used as a special filler. Its high whiteness is the requirement of paper printability.

The common main paper on the market are composite board paper, decorative paper, titanium white paper, etc. titanium white powder is used as paper filler in which the biggest role is to improve the optical performance of paper, so as to better improve its opacity, including improving its brightness, whiteness and smoothness, evenness, etc.

No.3 Rubber Industry

Rubber is a kind of high polymer compound. Its unique high elasticity, excellent insulation, impermeability, airtightness, wide range of use and other excellent properties make rubber products widely used. No matter in industry, agriculture, transportation, national defense and people's daily life, rubber is indispensable.

Titanium dioxide is not only used as colorant in rubber industry, but also has the functions of reinforcement, anti-aging and filling. Titanium dioxide is added to white and colored rubber products, which is resistant to sunlight, cracking, discoloration, high elongation and acid and alkali. Titanium dioxide (mostly anatase titanium dioxide ) for rubber is mainly used for automobile tires, rubber shoes, rubber floors, gloves, sports equipment, etc . But when it is used in the production of automobile tires, a certain amount of rutile products are often added to enhance the ozone and UV resistance.

In conclusion, titanium dioxide in the plastic industry, paper industry, rubber industry, the contribution of which is increasing. It will be an important task for the development of light industry to attach importance to the application performance of titanium dioxide, give full play to the role of titanium dioxide and promote the development of the industry.

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