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Vitamin C is important to improve your Immunity

Vitamin C is important to improve your Immunity2020.02.07

We all know that only a healthy body can resist the invasion of more bacteria, and the decline of body resistance and immunity makes us more vulnerable to the invasion of external bacteria. So, how to improve their immunity?


There are many ways:

1. Psychologically: Keep an optimistic attitude in life.

2. Life and diet: To form a balanced diet, we should stop smoking and limit alcohol in our life.

3. Sleep: Get enough sleep and don't stay up late.

4. Sports: Keep moderate exercise and strengthen exercise.


The improvement of immunity needs our attention in all aspects of life. The simple thing is to pay attention to the daily diet. First of all, we should eat a balanced diet. We should pay attention to the intake of vegetables and fruits, which are all the nutrients we need in our body.


We all know that vitamin is an essential nutrient in our body, and vitamin C is one of them. The main function of vitamin C is to improve immunity. We can improve our body's resistance by supplementing vitamin C.


White blood cells are rich in vitamin C. When the body is infected, the content of vitamin C in leukocytes will sharply reduce, and vitamin C can also enhance the chemotaxis and deformation ability of neutrophils, improve the bactericidal ability.


Which foods contain more vitamin C?


We can take vitamin C from fruits and vegetables, which are the most natural vitamins, and have a good effect on the body's supplement and immunity.


1. Tomatoes. The content of vitamin C in tomato is higher, between fruit and vegetable. Eating more tomatoes is a good way to supplement vitamin C.

2. Pumpkin. Pumpkin contains many kinds of amino acids needed by human body, of course, it also contains high vitamin C, which is very healthy.

3. Apple. Vitamin C in apple is the protection god of cardiovascular system and the healthy element of heart disease patients.

4. Kiwifruit. Kiwifruit is often called the king of vitamin C, which shows how much vitamin C it contains.

5. Vegetables. The content of vitamin C in capsicum is the first in vegetables, so capsicum is also a good food to supplement vitamin C.

6. Oranges. Orange is rich in vitamin C.

7. Grapefruit. Grapefruit also contains a lot of vitamin C, which can reduce blood cholesterol.

8. Sweet potato. Sweet potato is rich in vitamin C and vitamin A.

9. Celery. Celery is also a very healthy vegetable with high vitamin C content, which can prevent cancer and radiation.

10. Carrots. In addition to rich vitamin A, carrot also contains rich vitamin C, which can inhibit the synthesis of melanin, prevent fat oxidation and prevent lipid deposition.

Although vitamin C is good, it is not suitable to take too much. When the daily fruits and vegetables are enough for you to meet the needs, and there is no need to buy too many medicinal tablets. 

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