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Top five innovative new products from 2018

Top five innovative new products from 20182018.12.26

2018 was another year of innovation for the food and beverage sector. Trends such as convenience, health and wellness, and functional benefits were all approached in novel ways. We take our pick of the top five innovative food and beverage releases for 2018.

Protein Water Co launches Skin Maintenance collagen water line

British beverage brand Protein Water Co launched its Skin Maintenance range: a line of collagen water designed to support healthy hair, skin, nails, joints as well as improve sleep and metabolism.

Protein Water Co said that this develops the protein trend, which has historically been focused on supporting fitness and athletic performance, by harnessing its use for beauty benefits.

Campbell’s introduces Well Yes! range of on-the-go soups in US

Campbell Soup Company released a new line of soups to target consumers looking for a healthy snack between meals.

Called Well Yes!, the on-the-go range is available in five flavours: tomato and sweet basil, butternut squash and sweet potato, roasted red pepper and tomato, harvest carrot and ginger, and sweet corn and roasted potato.

Unilever’s Lipton brand releases new fruit-infused iced tea bags

Unilever’s Lipton brand expanded its range of fruit-infused iced herbal tea bags by releasing two new flavours for US consumers. 
Each flavour contains no added sweeteners, artificial flavours or caffeine, and both feature fruit flavours with hints of chamomile and other herbal flavours.

Consumers make the drinks by brewing one tea bag with boiling water for three minutes, before removing the tea bag and then adding cold water and ice to create a refreshing beverage, an innovative approach to this year’s summer beverage offerings.

Good Hemp introduces dairy alternative chilled hemp milk

Braham and Murray, the UK developer of food ingredients from hemp, launched a new chilled hemp milk under its Good Hemp brand.

Made from organic hemp seeds, the milk is marketed as a dairy alternative with a “clean and light taste” and fortified with calcium, vitamin B12 and vitamin D.

Nestlé becomes the first company to sell a ruby chocolate product

Nestlé became the first company to sell a product made from ruby chocolate, in the form of a ruby version of its KitKat bars in Japan and South Korea.

Swiss chocolatier Barry Callebaut developed the new form of chocolate last year, which is made from the ruby cacao bean and boasts a berry taste and naturally-occurring pink colour.

The KitKat Chocolatory Sublime Ruby bars will initially be sold in KitKat’s Chocolatory stores and online in Japan and South Korea, but will be introduced to other markets including the UK in the future.

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