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Introduction of Quality Control of Titanium Dioxide (1)

Introduction of Quality Control of Titanium Dioxide (1)2020.09.18

In the application of powder coatings, titanium dioxide is mainly used for whiteness coloring. According to the process characteristics of powder coating industry, the quality control indexes of titanium dioxide mainly include: color, volatile, oil absorption, 300 mesh (48 μ m) screen residue, particle size distribution, covering power, heat resistance, weather resistance, crystal structure, composition, etc. In the following articles, we will introduce to the suggested requirement for the quality control of titanium dioxide form the above characteristics.

There are two production processes of titanium dioxide: sulfuric acid method and chlorination method. Rutile titanium dioxide and anatase titanium dioxide can be produced by either process.      

Sulfuric acid process is to dissolve titanium bearing mineral sand in sulfuric acid to produce titanium solution and sulfate of titanium and other metals and then through a series of steps, including chemical reduction, purification, precipitation, washing, combustion. Then the intermediate of titanium dioxide was obtained.

The supply of titanium dioxide is an important problem in the production of titanium dioxide. Although the reserves of titanium are listed in the top ten elements, it is widely distributed in nature with low concentration. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the efficiency of mining and mineral processing operations to meet the economic requirements of titanium dioxide manufacturing.

With the continuous improvement of people's awareness of green environmental protection and the continuous improvement of natural resource protection, the pressure of titanium dioxide industry in pollution control of production process and titanium ore procurement is increasing. Manufacturing costs have risen significantly. 

Under the influence of manufacturing costs and market competition factors, titanium dioxide manufacturers must find ways to reduce the cost of production in order to survive. However, in principle, the wages and benefits of workers are gradually increased rather than decreased.

Different manufacturers and models of titanium dioxide have great influence on the gloss of physical matting agent powder coatings. For our powder engineers, choose titanium dioxide manufacturers, models, until the batch. It has become one of the factors to be considered in the formulation design of physical matting agent powder coatings. In addition, some illegal manufacturers or trade merchants even cheat consumers by infiltrating some fillers into titanium dioxide, or infiltrating part of anatase titanium dioxide into rutile titanium dioxide and selling them again.

PanzhihuaHaifengxin Chemical Industry Co., Ltd, a private joint-stock enterprise, locates in the Vanadium&Titanium Industry Park of Panzhihua in China, and covers an area of more than 26.36 acres.Our main product is Rutile Titanium Dioxide. The production line with a capacity of 60,000 tons Rutile Titanium Dioxide per year, which is the largest in China for now. And a set of subsidiary equipment with a capacity of 200,000 tons sulphuric acid per year will be put into operation in Mar. 2012.

With the goal of being the leader of Titanium Dioxide Industry, Haifengxin has been adopting new techniques to provide more stable quality, less pollution and more profit.

-----New methods, more stable and less pollution

1.     40% energy consumption reduced is owing to the usage of multiple-effect evaporation of titaniferous solution.

2.     The heat can be used more sufficiently by cooling, calcinating with new apparatus.

3.     New processes used in wet-milling, calcination saves energy and controls the number of rough particles more effectively.

4.     Making full use of water by recycling washing water generated in the surface treatment unit leads to less cost and wastes.

5.     The new way to extract and purify waste acid makes less energy consumption.

6.     The using of centrifugal compressor and screw compressor lower power consumption.

-----Less consumption, more profit

1. The application of flue gas and heat recovery boiler decreases power consumption and pollution, which makes us more cost-competitive than our competitors.

2. The recycling of heat from waste gas, which is produced in the process of drying and micronizing, lessens energy consumption.

3. The use of steam condensate device also makes huge profits.

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