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Dietary Fiber+ becomes new trend of beverage market

Dietary Fiber+ becomes new trend of beverage market2021.02.18

Chinese company Sannuo group recently launched a new concept product of "glucose + dietary fiber" - Kukou glucose sports drink. It is understood that the new product has no fat, no pigment food color and no carbonic acid. Each 520ml bottle of the new product is rich in 3.12g dietary fiber, which is equivalent to the fiber content of two apples.

With the improvement of modern people's life, the intake of meat and fat is increasing, and people eat less and less coarse grains. Many people begin to face the nutritional problem of insufficient dietary fiber intake. Dietary fiber is known as the seventh largest nutrient of human beings. Compared with the other six nutrients, the development of dietary fiber beverage market is relatively backward.

Huge market prospect for dietary fiber


In recent years, dietary fiber drinks have gradually have become a new development trend.


In 2019, the global market scale of dietary fiber reached 18.064 billion yuan and the output reached 866.6 kt, and it continues to grow in the future. It is estimated that the global market scale will reach 22.913 billion yuan and the global output will reach 1.2249 million yuan by 2026, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.96%. The global dietary fiber market is huge and has broad prospects.


China's dietary fiber industry is also developing rapidly. In 2019, the output value reached 3.831 billion yuan and the output reached 189.5 kt. It is estimated that by 2026, the output value of dietary fiber in China will reach 5.527 billion yuan and the production output of dietary fiber in China will reach 303.6 kt. The domestic dietary fiber market will usher in a golden development period.


Dietary fiber with great potential is gradually favored by many beverage giants.


The concept products such as "Sprite +", "zero coke +", "Coca Cola fiber +" added with water-soluble dietary fiber of Coca Cola company won the favor of consumers in 2018 and achieved double-digit market growth. The main selling point is the addition of "dietary fiber", which claims that each bottle contains the dietary fiber equivalent to 2 apples (7.5G), and each bottle can meet about 30% of the daily dietary fiber needs of adults. In the advertisement, the concept of "fat reducing sprite" is put forward.


FIBR, the world's largest competitor of Coca Cola's dietary fiber drinks, keeps up with the pace. In early 2019, with the help of Huixi drinks (domestic operation), a local Chinese manufacturer, and the innovative marketing team of DOM (Marketing Planning), the company has made a strong landing in the Chinese market and launched the leading brand of dietary fiber nutrition drinks - "fiber code".


Yuanqi forest "burning tea", as a leader in the emerging tea drinks, is positioned as a light functional tea drink, which aims to create a new choice for a relaxed and relaxed lifestyle. "Burning tea" uses high-quality oolong tea with dietary fiber polydextrose and erythritol, and promotes a kind of fat free tea beverage without sugar and calorie.

With people's increasing attention to health food, the application of dietary fiber has gradually extended from health products to a variety of beverages. The era of functional food dominated by dietary fiber is quietly coming. Dietary fiber beverage has gradually become a new trend of market development. The market prospect of water-based dietary fiber is broad and has a huge development space.


OKCHEM Distribution Project of Resistant dextrin


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Resistant dextrin is processed from starch and is a low-calorie glucan obtained by saccharification of starch and then fibrosisreaction of liquid sugar and purification. Resistant dextrin belongs to low-molecular and water-soluble dietary fibers. As a low-calorie soluble food raw material, it has a broad development prospect in the food industry.

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