The Future of the Global Pharmaceutical Industry

By: Torreya 2019.06.27

Report Description

Growth in the pharmaceutical industry will be driven by increasing wealth across the world

The pharmaceutical industry is likely to triple in size in by 2060 on an inflation-adjusted basis

The pharmaceutical industry is around 30% larger than previously thought and is one of top five in the global economy

Major innovations will continue to drive the size and growth of the industry with positive implications for the health of the global population

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary

2. Pharmaceutical Sector Has Grown Rapidly in the Last Century
- Widespread concerns about the sector today 
- Thousandfold increase in value of companies in sector since 1920s

3. Pharmaceutical Sector Will Triple in Size in the Next 40 Years
- Pharmaceutical consumption econometrically close related to GDP growth
- Based upon expected GDP growth, the pharma sector will likely triple in size by 2060

4. Total Value of the Pharmaceutical Sector Today over $5 Trillion 

- Total revenue in the pharma sector around $1.1 trillion in 2017 
- Total value of companies in sector over $5 trillion. Pharma one of the world’s largest sectors 

5. Pharma Will Be Positively Impacted by Growth in Rare Disease Drugs and China 

- Cost controls widespread and likely to continue. Major impact on Europe market 
- Rare disease pharma sector has grown in value by 1300% since 2000. To continue growing fast 
- China to become a close #2 to the U.S. market in time. Dramatic growth to continue 

6. Innovations in Inflammation Control, Nucleic Acids and Implantables Will Transform Industry 
- Better Manufacture Will Facilitate Dramatic Growth in Peptide Therapeutics 
- Control of Inflammation May Substantially Reduce Mortality from Cancer & Heart Disease 
- Nucleic Acid Therapeutics a Source of Substantial Future Growth 
- Cell Therapy is Becoming Mainstream in the Pharmaceutical Industry
- Implantables and Electroceuticals Will Redefine Therapeutic Sector 

7. Summary

Tables and Figures

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