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The Pharmaceutical Industry in Germany

By: GTAI 2019.06.11

Report Description

Germany offers the perfect location for the development, production and sale of world-class pharmaceuticals. The country benefits from cutting-edge research, a long production tradition and immediate market access to pharmaceuticals. Global demand fro pharmaceuticals is growing continuously as the result of a growing world population and demographic change. Together with significant research advances, especially in the field of medical biotechnology, these developments are providing a spur to the pharmaceutical industry worldwide.

The healthcare industry has evolved to become one of the most important global growth markets, with the pharmaceutical indsutry in Germany already a significant global industry player. Germany is home to Europe's largest- and the world's fourth largest-pharma-ceuticals market. A highly attractive R&D location, the country ranks first and second in clinical trial terms in Europe and the world respectively. Having established itself as the "world's pharmacy" as part of a tradition of medical innovation, Germany is also the world's leading medical biopharmaceuticals producer-second only to the USA.

Table of Contents

The Industry in Number

R&D Excellence and Support

Over-the-Counter(OTC) Market


Financing & Incentives in Germany

Industry Associations

Tables and Figures

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