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United States Biopharmaceuticals 2018

By: CPhI 2019.05.28

Report Description

The United States is broadly recognized as the global leader in drug discovery and innovation, producing more than half of the world’s new molecules in the last decade. Improving patient outcomes through a deeper understanding of disease areas and betterdefned addressable patient populations is revolutionizing drug discovery approaches.By not only developing more effective treatments but also matching the right drug to the right patient, companies are driving a new phase of medical progress.

Arguably the most competitive destinations within the United States in terms of attractiveness, our 2018 research has focused on Massachusetts and California, notably the Boston/Cambridge Area and the San Francisco Bay Area, and also New Jersey as the historic center of pharmaceutical activity. While Massachusetts is lauded for its culture of collaboration, in part attributable to the extreme density of activity, the Bay Area is often cited as the top biotech supercluster due to the sheer volume of activity and high investment fgures, both in terms of NIH funding and venture capital.

Table of Contents

Introducing the U.S. Biopharmaceutical Industry  

Fostering an Innovative Ecosystem 

Accelerating Pipelines: Drug discovery and development

Manufacturing: Upholding quality 

The Spokes of the Wheel: Contract Services  

Supply Chain, Distribution and Logistics  

Industry Outlook  

Tables and Figures

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