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Manufacturer Profile

Established on May 9, 2014, Shanghai Huian Chemical Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shandong Synminway Chemical Group Co., Ltd. With the group products as support, Huian Chemical mainly engages in chemical materials, medicines, pesticides, intermediates and other fine chemical products. It is a specialized chemical import and export trading enterprise.   Huian Chemical will adhere to the corporate spirit of “Win mutual benefits with friendly cooperation and sincere services” and the business philosophy of “Be honest, trustworthy and enterprising for mutual development” to serve customers wholeheartedly; it will strive to be the industry leader and a world-class enterprise to help Synminway Group go global.
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Main Product

α-acetyl-γ-butyrolactone (ABL), γ-butyrolactone(GBL), α-pyrrolidinone (α-p)
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   Basic Information

Location: Shanghai, China
Registered Date: 2014-05-08
Registered Capital: CNY 1000000.00

Product List

Product FOB Price Brand CAS No. Basic Description
α-Aacetyl-γ-hydroxyl-butyric acid HUIAN 517-23-7

The product is colorless pure liquid, It is an intermediate in the synthesis of 2,4-disubstituted pyridines; A fluorogenic reagent for the spectrofluorimetric determination of primary amines.

α-pyrrolidinone (α-p) HUIAN 616-45-5

α-pyrrolidone is an important chemical raw material and high-polarity organic solvent. It is widely used in the pharmaceutical, textile, cosmetic, solvent, electronic cleaning and other industries.

γ-butyrolactone(GBL) HUIAN CAS 96-48-0

γ-butyrolactone is a non-toxic transparent liquid in the shape of oil. It can be mixed with water and dissolved by ethanol, ether, benzene and acetone. It can dissolve many other organic and inorganic compound. Usingγ-butyrolactone is very safe and convenient, because it is a liquid with high boiling, powerful solvency, good electrical and stability properties.

N-methylpyrrolidone(NMP) HUIAN 872-50-4

N-Methylpyrrolidone (NMP) is colorless and transparent liquid, can dissolvable in water and many solvents. As a high-selective polar solvent and nitrogen heterocycle compound, NMP has such advantages as non-toxicity, high boiling point, low corrosion, high solubility, low viscosity, low volatility and good stability and high selectivity.

cyclohexylamine(CHA) HUIAN 108-91-8

Cyclohexylamine is a kind of transparent and colorless liquid with a strong fishy taste and ammonia-like smelling. It is flammable with a relative molecular mass being 99.18, the relative density being 0.8191, the melting point being -17.7 ℃, boiling point being 134.5 ℃

Dicyclohexylamine(DCHA) HUIAN 108-91-8

Colorless oily liquid with a pungent odor of ammonia. Slightly soluble in water, and organic solvents. Strongly alkaline,soluble in water,ethanol,ether,acetone,ester,hydrocarbons and other organic reagents. Decompose under high temperature and release toxic gases,which will react violently with oxidants.Be combustible and react violently with oxidants.Be combustible and react violently with oxidants in the presence of fire or under high temperature.

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