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Shanghai Brilliant Gum Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer Profile

BLG® was founded in 1996 as a Company manufacturing Carrageenan, Konjac Gum and Agar-Agar, has two factories, which are located in Shanghai & Zhejiang Province, China. Since then BLG® has become a famed brand in the hydrocolloids market.BLG® use top-graded seaweed from Philippines & Indonesia, combines advanced processing technology and perfect extraction skill to produce high quality Carrageenan & Agar Agar which up to National, E.U. and other standards.
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Main Product

Carrageenan, Konjac Gum, Agar-Agar
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   Basic Information

Location: Shanghai, China
Registered Date: 1998-09-15
Registered Capital: CNY 20000000.00

Product List

Product FOB Price Brand CAS No. Basic Description
Carrageenan BEILIAN 11114-20-8

Carrageenan is a kind of nature polysaccharides hydrocolloid which is present in the structures of certain varieties of red seaweed. These carbohydrates have the ability to form, at very low concentrations, thick solutions or gels in aqueous media. Usually, Carrageenan shows off-white to snowy or tan to yellowish, it is free flowing powder, free of odor or taste. The gel is heat-reversible, it’s can dissolve after heat up and the solution can gel while cooling. It’s steady-going, even if it may not reduce gel strength and viscosity for long-term placement. After combining with Konjac, Locust Bean Gum and Xanthan Gum, it is able to increase the gel potential with much better elastic.

Konjac Powder BEILIAN 37220-17-0

The product is the natural hydrocolloid with high purity through alcohol purification of the konjac fine flour extracted from the tubers of the alpine plant - fresh konjac. Its main ingredient is glucomannan (KGM) and the dry basis accounts for over 80%. Konjac Glucomanna with it's special water holiding capacity, stability, emulsibility, thickening property, suspension property and gel propery can especially adopted in food industry. Not only it can be widely used in ice-cream, jelly, meat products etc but also konjac itself is good for human health.

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