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Product FOB Price Brand CAS No. Basic Description
Metronidazole USD 10.5/KG OEM

Methyl methacrylate USD 3966/MT OEM 80-62-6

Methyl methacrylate (MMA) is a kind of important optical transparent plastic, which has high transparency and impact resistance performance is good, and the advantages of light weight and low price, environmental non-toxic, is widely used glass replacement materials PMMM the biggest characteristic is excellent optical performance

Calcium Propionate USD 1601/MT OEM 4075-81-4

Sodium propionate is a common food additive that is industrially manufactured but also occurs in nature. It is an especially effective additive in baked goods or other products that are susceptible to spoilage. It is a safe compound when encountered at the low levels found in food.

Sodium nitrate USD 643/MT OEM 7631-99-4

Sodium nitrate is a white solid very soluble in water. It is a readily available source of the nitrate anion (NO3−), which is useful in several reactions carried out on industrial scales for the production of fertilizers, pyrotechnics and smoke bombs, glass and pottery enamels, food preservatives (esp. meats), and solid rocket propellant.

Sodium nitrite USD 724/MT OEM 7632-00-0

Sodium Nitrate(NaNO3) is colorless transparent or white microstrip yellow diamond crystal. Bitter salty, soluble in water and liquid ammonia, slightly soluble in glycerol and ethanol, easily deliquescence, especially with a very small amount of sodium chloride impurities, NaNO3 deliquescence is greatly increased. When dissolved in water its solution temperature decreased, the solution was neutral.

Glycine USD 2110/MT OEM 56-40-6

The product is a white crystal or crystallized powder with a particular sweetness. It dissolves in water and pyridine, slightly in absolute alcohol, and can not dissolve in diethyl ether.


PARACETAMOL is a white crystalline or a crystalline powder in appearance with melting point from 168℃ to 172℃, odorless, slightly bitter taste, freely soluble in hot water or ethanol, dissolved in acetone, practically insoluble in cold water and petroleum ether. It is stable below 45℃ but will be hydrolyzed into p-aminophenol when exposed to humid air, then oxidized further. The color grades gradually from pink to brown then to black, so it should be sealed and stored in a cool and dry place.

Trimethoprim USD 26/KG OEM 738-70-5

Trimethoprim is a lipophilic and weak alkaline pyrimethamine class bacteriostatic agent. It is a white or almost white crystalline powder, odorless, bitter, and slightly soluble in chloroform, ethanol or and acetone, but almost insoluble in water and highly soluble in glacial acetic acid solution.

Glycerol 99.8% OEM 56-81-5

Glycerol is weakly acidic, being able to react with alkaline hydroxide. For example, it reaction with copper hydroxide can produce bright blue cupric glycerinate (can be used to identify polyols). Glycerol can react with nitric acid to generate glyceryl trinitrate, also known as nitroglycerin, being a strong explosive.

Zine Chloride Anhy 98% OEM 7646-85-7

White granular crystal or powder of hexagonal system, highly soluble in water, soluble in methanol, ethanol, glycerine, acetone, diethyl ether but Insoluble in liquid ammonia.

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