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Product FOB Price Brand CAS No. Basic Description
Fulvic acid USD 1850/MT OEM 479-66-3

Furic acid is a kind of substance extracted from humus, with low molecular weight and dark brown or tan, which is a compound of substances with similar molecular structure and behavioral characteristics.

NPK USD 960/MT OEM 66455-26-3

NPK is a chemical fertilizer that contains at least two elements of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.

EDDHA Fe USD 5800/MT OEM 16455-61-1, 240-505-5

EDDHA Fe is a stable water-soluble metal chelate in which iron exists in chelate state.

EDTA Cu USD 3850/MT OEM 14025-15-1

EDTA Cu is blue crystalline fine grain, soluble edta-cul5 % is a stable soluble metal chelate.

EDTA Mg USD 2850/MT OEM 14402-88-1

It is a good coordination agent in chemistry. It has six coordination atoms, and the formed complexes are called chelates, and EDTA is often used in coordination titration, which is usually measured in metal ions.

EDTA Ca USD 2670/MT OEM 23411-34-9

EDTA Ca is pure White Powder. Odourless.It has a salty taste.Slightly hygroscopic.The air is stable.Soluble in water.It's almost insoluble in ethanol.

EDTA Mn USD 2800/MT OEM 15375-84-5

EDTA Zn USD 2900/MT OEM 14025-21-9

EDTA Zn is pure white powder that always be used as agrochemical.

EDTA Fe USD 2550/MT OEM 15708-41-5

EDTA ferric sodium salt is the ferric sodium salt of EDTA (Ethylene Diamine Tetraacetic Acid). It is a broad-spectrum molluscicide that is capable of killing snails and slugs and protecting agricultural crops and garden plants. In particular, it can eliminate infestations of Cornu aspersum, the common garden snail. It takes effect through interacting with and destroying hemocyanin, a copper based compound existing in the blood of molluscs and anthropods that is engaged in carrying oxygen (play a similar role with hemoglobin invertebrates).

Urea Phosphate USD 800/MT OEM 4861-19-2

Urea Phosphate is colorless transparent prismatic crystal with a melting temperature of 117.3 ℃

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