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Jiaxing Chinese Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer Profile

JIAXING ZHONGHUA CHEMICAL Co., Ltd. is located in South Lake District,Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province, which was founded in 1976.It is one of the national medium-sized enterprises,top 500 Chinese chemical enterprises,and the Chinese vanillin production base.The company has more than 500 acres of an industrial park, with power,gas,water and oher other public facilities.JIAXING ZHONGHUA CHEMICAL INDUSTRY Co., Ltd had more than 1300 employees in Jiaxing now, and became the largest vanillin manufacturing and R&D center worldwide.Up to now,the total assets of it reached 2.5 billion Euros.
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Main Product

Vanillin, Ethyl Vanillin, Guaiacol, o-Nitrochlorobenzene, p-Nitrochlorobenzene, m-Nitrochlorobenzene
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   Basic Information

Location: Zhejiang, China
Registered Date: 2003-02-18
Registered Capital: CNY 5000.00

Product List

Product FOB Price Brand CAS No. Basic Description
Vanillin ZHONGHUA 121-33-5

Vanillin is white to light yellow needle-like crystals or crystalline powder, similar to vanilla fragrance. It is one of the important food spices, with vanilla fragrance and strong milky aroma, an important and indispensable raw material in food additive industry. Widely used in food, chocolate, ice cream, drinks and daily-use cosmetics as aroma enhancer and stabilizer. In the pharmaceutical industry, it works as intermediates, synthesize levodopa (3-hydroxy tyrosine), methyldopa, veratraldehyde, synergistic TMP and etc.

Ethyl vanillin ZHONGHUA 121-32-4

Ethyl vanillin is colorless solid consists of a benzene ring with hydroxyl, ethoxy, and formyl groups on the 4, 3, and 1 positions, respectively. It is a synthetic molecule. As a flavorant, ethylvanillin is about three times as potent as vanillin and is used in the production of chocolate

Glyoxylic Acid ZHONGHUA 298-12-4

Glyoxylic acid or oxoacetic acid is colourless solid that occurs naturally and is useful industrially. Glyoxylic acid is about 10x stronger acid than acetic acid, with an acid dissociation constant of 4.7 × 10−4 (pKa = 3.32). Glyoxylic acid is one of the chemicals used in the Hopkins Cole reaction, used to check for the presence of tryptophan in proteins.

p-Nitrochlorobenzene ZHONGHUA 100-00-5

p-Chloronitrobenzene is obtained together with o-chloronitrobenzene and m-chloronitrobenzene by nitration of chlorobenzene and is then purified by extractive crystallization.

ortho-Vanillin ZHONGHUA 148-53-8

ortho-Vanillin (2-Hydroxy-3-methoxybenzaldehyde) is an organic solid present in the extracts and essential oils of many plants. Its functional groups include aldehyde, ether and phenol. It is distinctly different from its more prevalent isomer, vanillin. ortho-Vanillin is a fibrous, light-yellow, crystalline solid. Unlike its better-known analogue, o-vanillin does not have the characteristic and intense odor of vanilla. Present in a variety of food products, it is not specifically sought after, and is therefore a less-commonly produced and encountered food additive.

o-Aminoanisole ZHONGHUA 90-04-0

O-Anisidine is colorless oily substance, melting point 6.6℃. Oxidation and discoloration in the air, easily soluble in ether, ethyl alcohol, acetone and other organic solvents, slightly soluble in water, it is toxic chemical product.

Guaiacol ZHONGHUA 90-05-1

Guaiacol is a naturally occurring organic compound with the formula C6H4(OH)(OCH3). Although it is biosynthesized by a variety of organisms, this yellowish aromatic oil is usually derived from guaiacum or wood creosote. Guaiacol is a precursor to various flavorants, such as eugenol and vanillin. Its derivatives are used medicinally as an expectorant, antiseptic, and local anesthetic. It also can be used as an indicator in chemical reactions that produce oxygen.

m-Nitrochlorobenzene ZHONGHUA 121-73-3

m-Nitrochlorobenzene is a kind of pale yellow crystalline solid and is insoluble in water. Besides, it is stable chemically but incompatible with strong oxidizing agents, strong acids, strong reducing agents. Its product categories are various, including intermediates of dyes and pigments, benzene derivates, alpha sort, analytical standards.

o-Nitrochlorobenzene ZHONGHUA 88-73-3

o-Nitrochlorobenzene is an organic compound with the formula ClC6H4NO2. It is a yellow crystalline solid that is important as a precursor to other compounds due to the two reactive sites present on the molecule. It is not valuable in itself but is a precursor to other useful compounds. The compound is particularly useful because both of its reactive sites can be utilized to create further compounds that are mutually ortho.

Vanillin ZHONGHUA 121-33-5

The product is white to pale yellow crystalline powder, odder Similar to Vanillin. It can soluble in alcohol, chloroform and ether.

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