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Chongqing Chuandong Chemical (Group) Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer Profile

Chongqing Chuandong Chemical (Group) Co., Ltd., founded in 1958, has more than 50 years of chemical production history.There are five production bases and 8 production enterprise in Chongqing, Guizhou (Huishui, Kaiyang) and Guangxi. The main products are phosphate, formate and fine chemicals (chemical reagents, pharmaceutical intermediates, electronic chemicals). The products are mainly sold to more than 20 domestic provinces and cities and have been exported to Europe, America, Japan, South Korea and the countries and regions in Southeast Asia.The company has more than 2000 employee and maintained 40 years of continuous profit. Company Headquarter Address: No.70 Danxin Street Dashiba Nanan District Chongqing 400061 China.
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Main Product

Formic acid and formate, Phosphoric acid and phosphate , Yellow phosphorus and phosphide, Chemical reagents, Fine chemicals , Electronic chemicals, Food & feed additive
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   Basic Information

Location: Chongqing, China
Registered Date: 1979-05-03
Registered Capital: CNY 35000000.00

Product List

Product FOB Price Brand CAS No. Basic Description
Phosphoric Acid CHUANDONG 7664-38-2

Phosphoric acid is a clear, colorless, odorless liquid with a syrupy consistency. It is a non-toxic acid and has a wide variety of uses, including as a rust inhibitor, food additive, dental and orthopedic etchant, electrolyte, flux, dispersing agent, industrial etchant, fertilizer feedstock, and component of home cleaning products. Phosphoric acids and phosphates are also important in biology.

Potassium nitrate CHUANDONG 7757-79-1

Colorless transparent prismatic or white granular or crystalline powder. Slightly absorb damp, and the moisture absorption is smaller than sodium nitrate. Aqueous solution pH: 7, melting point 334℃, easily soluble in water. Insolube in absolute ethyl alcohol, ether.

Sodium pyrophosphate (food grade) CHUANDONG 7722-88-5

White powder or crystal. Melting point 880℃. Density 2.534g/cm3. Soluble in water and insoluble in alcohol. It's aqueous solution is alkaline and stable below 70℃, hydrolyzes into sodium hydrogen phosphate after boiling. Can form complex with alkaline earth metal ion, liable to deliquesce.

Copper chromite CHUANDONG 12053-18-8

Copper chromite is an inorganic compound with the formula Cu2Cr2O5 which is used to catalyze reactions in organic synthesis.

Manganous nitrate CHUANDONG 10377-66-9

Molecular formula: Mn (NO3)2 Executive standard: Q/CDH 107-2012 Property: Pink and pale pink crystal or solution, soluble in water and alcohol Specification: 50%、62%、71%、72%.

Sodium cyanate CHUANDONG 917-61-3

White or grey-white crystalline powder. Density 1.937g/cm3. Melting point 550℃. Easily soluble in water, slightly soluble in liquid chlorine, alcohol, ester and other organic solvents. It is stable in dry state. Begin to decompose when heated to above 500℃. Easy to hydrolyze in hot water.

Copper Pyrophosphate CHUANDONG 10102-90-6

Light blue or sky blue powder, insoluble in water, soluble in potassium diphosphate aqueous solution.

Hydrochloric acid CHUANDONG 7647-01-0

Colorless liquid with corrosivity. It is the aqueous solution of hydrogen chloride. Has irritating odor and the concentrated hydrochloric acid has strong volatility.

Nitric acid CHUANDONG 7697-37-2

Colorless transparent liquid with irritating odor. The content of concentrated nitric acid is about 68%, easy to volatilize. Generate rime fog in the air, generate nitrogen tetroxide if exposed in the light and turn brown. Soluble in water, and form azeotropic mixture with water. Relative density (d204)1.41. Boiling point 120.5℃ (68%). Has strong oxidability and corrosivity.

Acetone CHUANDONG 67-64-1

Colorless transparent flowing liquid with aromatic odor, easy to volatile, soluble in water and many organic solvents.

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