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Anhui Xingzhou Pharmaceutical Food Co., Ltd

Manufacturer Profile

Anhui Xingzhou Medicine Food Co., Ltd. has passed the ISO9001 Quality Management System Certificate, ISO22000 Food Safety Management System Certificate, Halal International Certificate, Kosher International Certificate and other international certificates.
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Main Product

Glucono-δ-lactone, tofu king, lactone
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   Basic Information

Location: Anhui, China
Registered Date: 2003-09-26
Registered Capital: CNY 10000000.00

Product List

Product FOB Price Brand CAS No. Basic Description
Glucono delta-lactone XINGZHOU 90-80-2

Glucono delta-lactone is commonly found in honey, fruit juices, personal lubricants, and wine[citation needed]. GDL is neutral, but hydrolyses in water to gluconic acid which is acidic, adding a tangy taste to foods, though it has roughly a third of the sourness of citric acid.

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