InstantQuote is a smart real-time quotation App recently developed by OKCHEM. It offers real-time quotes for the chemicals based on different brands and conditions, so you can compare the price and make your own decision. You can easily consult us through on-line chat, manage different suppliers and quotations at one place instead of manually sorting out the information through emails, phone calls, etc.
As the third-party online platform specialized in chemical supplies, OKCHEM is dedicated to providing you the best procurement solutions with quality products and the latest industrial news, saving your time and money. You will get quickest responses and real-time quotations for the chemicals, and have access to financial services at lowest costs to help you close the deals, saving your time and costs.
At present, OKCHEM offers the following services:
1. InstantQuote, a real-time quotation App
2. I.Q.Credit Loan, a featured financial service
3. OKCHEM Mall, a chemical B2B platform
 If you cannot find the product on the list, please click 'inquiry' and our customer service will contact our cooperation partners to quote in time. You can also invite your own supplier to quote. 
   I.Q provides online customer service. We can answer all kinds of the questions that you may have within 24 hours. We can contact the supplier and provide online training and answer questions to suppliers on your behalf.
   Yes. InstantQuote is an Internet application which is not limited by time or locations, so you are totally free to invite either the overseas or domestic suppliers for the quote. Our goal is to help you get quotations and inquiry information quickly and easily. 
   InstantQuote is a brand new quotation App developed by OKCHEM and we are continuously adding more certified suppliers for you to choose. If you are interested in some specific products or factories, please use 'inquiry' function to contact us.
   Cooperating with quality chemical manufacturers is one of our important strategies, therefore, the certified suppliers on OKCHEM are all carefully selected. The real-time quotes offered to the buyers are all factory prices with zero mark-up.
   All the real-time quotes are valid for a given period. You can place orders according to the price within the validity period based on the specified payment terms, delivery terms, package, etc; but if you need different trade terms or other details, you can submit your inquiry or confirm through on-line chat. 
   If you are not satisfied with the payment terms from suppliers, you can send us your requirement through inquiry, and our IQ credit loan can offer you a flexible credit term varying from 60 to 360 days.