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9th China International Nutraceutical and Functional Food Summit 2019

9th China International Nutraceutical and Functional Food Summit 2019

Beijing, China


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China offers the most promising market for functional foods and nutraceuticals, due largely to an aging population. More than 30 percent of the population will be 60 or older by 2050, increasing demand for health foods significantly. Furthermore, increased health consciousness and general lack of trust in food safety, as well as awareness of environmental pollution from young consumers, will further boost demand for functional foods. Emerging sectors such as sports nutrition have enjoyed double-digit annual growth in recent years, and projected that Chinese consumer demand for vitamin, Omega-3, and probiotic products will be especially robust over the next decade. Meanwhile, the strong presence of cross-border e-commerce in China has increased consumer access to health food brands from around the world.
To assist the functional food industry in this vibrant market environment, Duxes will host the 9th China International Nutraceutical and Functional Food Summit 2019 on September 18-20 in Beijing, China. The three-day event will gather professionals from food and nutritional supplement companies, as well as policymakers and researchers, to discuss the latest advances in nutrition, latest supervisory regulations in China, the effects of cross-border e-commerce on the market, emerging product categories, consumer preferences, and other important topics. Notably, the summit will feature a pre-event addressing healthy aging on the first day, addressing the demographic and social changes underway in China.

The 9th China International Nutraceutical and Functional Food Summit 2019 will continue event organizer Duxes’ decade-long engagement and collaboration with the functional food industry. Duxes has organized functional food conferences in China, Singapore, and Europe, which have been acclaimed for their timely coverage and interactive format. Professionals working for food, beverage, dietary supplement, and pharmaceutical companies, as well as in related fields, are invited to attend.

Event Highlights

- Official interpretation of health food regulations and the Healthy China 2030 Plan

- Solutions for gaining consumer trust in health food products through transparency

- Insight on the enormous market potential of brain health, digestive health, and immunity health products in an aging society

- Exploration of popular functional ingredients such as plant-based, fiber and probiotics

- Detailed breakdown of industry data and market trends essential for product development in sports nutrition

- Discussion of sales and marketing channel innovation

- Case studies of successful new retail innovation in the mobile/ internet era

- Opportunity to identify potential partners and gain a foothold in the Chinese market

Event Structure

Day One:

Pre-event - Healthy Aging
Nutrition Status of Chinese Seniors
Ingredients & Product R&D

Day Two: 
Supervisory Regulations & Market Trends
Cross-border E-commerce
Consumer Insights

Day Three: 
Sports Nutrition Market Trends
Sales & Marketing Innovation