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Agroexpo 2019

Agroexpo 2019

Bogota, Colombia


OKCHEM Booth No.:420/418/519/517

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Agroexpo is a traditional, consolidated and mature fair, which has been  taking place every two years since 1977 in Corferias. It is the contest of the  most important agricultural sector of Colombia, Central America and the  Caribbean and one of the most representative in Latin America.
This event promotes the agricultural industry of Colombia to the world,  managing to gather the most comprehensive commercial, national and  international shows in a suitable space for exhibitors to make business  contacts, materialize business, exchange knowledge and be updated on  new technological developments of the related industries.

Agroexpo is the most important specialized commercial showcase in the sector to make itself known nationally and internationally.

It is also the stage for the launch of supplies, implementation of new technologies, promotion of new products and re-equipment of agricultural machinery.

Exhibitors Benefits:

Encounter of the diverse actors of the sector in a same place.

It favors the development of the agricultural and livestock sector of the country.

Ideal space to establish and / or strengthen business relationships.

The best investment for the positioning of your brand.

Possibility of achieving a large number of contacts. 

Generation of qualified contacts.

Disclose and access knowledge and / or acquisition of new trends


Exhibitors Profile:

Leading companies consolidated in the market as well as young companies related to the agricultural and livestock sector, with products, services and innovative and efficient technologies focused on the development of agricultural and live stock activity at a professional level.

Agroindustrial Sample 

Agricultural equipment and machinery


Irrigation systems 

Grass cutters and crushers 

Forage and grain harvesters and cultivators 

Tractors and trailers 

Mechanical grain extractors 

Generators, wind turbines and motor pumps 

Pressure washers 


Agricultural supplies 

Fertilizers, fungicides, fertilizers, germicides, pesticides 

Packaging and baggers 

Equipment for agriculture 

Agricultural implements and accessories. 

Agricultural facilities 

Solar and alternative energy 


Design and structures for greenhouses 

Industrial hygiene 

Markings and signage 

Browsers and satellite markers 

Spare parts, raw materials and services 

Cattle Sample 

Cattle Horses 





Zoocria and Exotics 





Equipment and machinery for livestock  

Milking equipment

Diagnostic aids

Weighing systems

Fences and barriers

Shearing tools Refrigeration

Spare parts, raw materials and services  

Livestorc inputs

Artificial insemination and frozen semen




Cattle traceability

Animal identification


Design and exploitation of livestoce production




Veterinary, pharmaceutical and instrumental services

Services and consultancies in animal production

Animal nutrition

Genetic improvement


Livestock services and software

Other Participants

Transport, campers and utilities

Research and techonology development

Institutional and Training

Trade associations

Books and specialized publications

Financial entities

Government entities and their agricultural development plans

Visitors Profile:

Farm workers, professionals, veterinarians, animal, scientists, agronomists, agricultural managers and agricultural engineers.

Business managers of companies involved in the agricultural and livestock sector, owners and/or managers of farms and estates.

Producers and breeders

General public

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