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Manila, Philippines


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TIME: 28th Aug.-30th Aug. 2018

LOCATION: Manila World Trade Center, Philippines


CHEMEXPO PHILIPPINES 2018—will take place in Manila for the Chemical Industry, renowned in particular for Organic and Fine Chemicals, active Pharmaceuticals Ingredients, Drug Intermediates, Dyes & Pigment, Surfactants, Cosmetic Chemicals, Agrochemicals, Olechemicals, Laboratory Chemicals, Packaging and a host of Chemicals (Water Treatment Chemicals, Coating Additives, Catalysts, Enzymes…)
Various Global Player as well as small-medium enterprises are based in the Philippines. Highly successful research partnerships between companies and a research institutes are a growth engines for a prospering business environment in and around the Manila, is well connected to numerous international destinations, as an excellent venue to Asia audience.



Some Activities 

Activities I
28, August, 2018, Opening Ceremony 11:00 Am-12:00Am
1. Speech ---Vice Minister, Philippines Ministry of Trade and Industry
2. Speech —Director of General, Philippines Economic Zones Authority
3. Speech –Mr. Dennis, President of Philippines Chemical Manufacturers & Industry Association
4. Speech—Mr. Kimson Kua , Philippines Association of Chemicals Suppliers Industry
5. Speech—Mrs. Ma Chunyan, Vice President of CCPIT Sub-Council of Chemical Industry 



CHEMEXPO Chemical Seminar----Round Table Business Matching Program
 28, August, 2018, Venue: World Trade Center Conference Room 12:00PM—3:00PM
Seminar Speech:

Philippine Chemical retails system and its main products
Speaker from PACSI-- Philippines Association of Chemical Suppliers Industry
The Investment and Distribution in Philippines of India Chemical manufacturers
Speaker from PICC – Philippines India Chamber of Commerce and Industry
The Philippines Pesticide and Fertilizer management Policy and Situation
 Mr. Roldan, President of Philippines Fertilizer and Pesticide Administration
Business Matching Participants Groups (B TO B Matching Program) 
A60 persons from
        1.      Members from Philippines Association of Chemical Suppliers Industry
        2.      Members from Philippines Association of Chemical Manufacturers and Industry
B30-50 persons from
        World Trade Center Business Club members

C10-20 persons from
         Philippines India Chamber of Commerce & Industry

DExhibitors of CHEMEXPO Philippines
         Every Exhibitor will have 5 minute introduction speech in English or Chinese Translation of Company and Products, 2-4 Slides presentation are allowed.
 Simply lunch, Tea and Coffee, Food are served
 Attendee: SPIK members, PACSI members, PICC members, and CCPIT exhibitors


Program for Chemical,  Fertilizers ,Pesticide ,Exhibitors and Manufacturers

Time: 2:30PM-4:00PM 29, August, 2018 World Trade Center Conference Room
Host by: Philippines Fertilizer Pesticide Authority
Content: presenting current fertilizers and pesticides registration, and situation for philippines agrochemicals.

Conference on Philippine Investment situation and Policy    29.08 2018
Time: 4:00PM-5:30PM 29, August, 2018 World Trade Center Conference Room
 Organized by Philippines Economic Zone Authority

 Content: Presenting  Investment, Incentive, Trade in Philippines, and Industry Zone situation in Philippines.
 Attendee:  All the Visitors and Exhibitors

 Activities IV
30. 08. 2018  CHEMEXPO Seminar ---Exhibitors Showcase, 4 Sessions, Open to all Exhibitors.
Attendees: All visitors and Exhibitors

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