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Tires & Rubber Exhibition 2019 Tires & Rubber Exhibition 2019
Tires & Rubber Exhibition 2019
Tires & Rubber Exhibition 2019
Tires & Rubber Exhibition 2019
2019.04.23-2019.04.26 Booth 3E73-78-1
Moscow,Russian Federation

About the exhibition: The 22nd International Specialized Exhibition for Tires, Rubber and Rubber Goods "Tires & Rubber 2019" will be held from 23 to 26 April 2019 in Moscow. The Tires & Rubber Exhibition is a key event for the industrial rubber and tire industry. It is here that 200 manufacturing and trade companies from 25 countries showcase. As the leading B2B platform in chemical industry, OKCHEM also will participate in this exhibition and show at booth 3E73-78-1  in order to show its customized solutions for chemical buyers and suppliers.                               Exhibition sections: 1. Raw and auxiliary products, intermediate goods 1.1 Natural and synthetic rubbers 1.2. Elastomeric materials, thermoplastic elastomers, composite materials 1.3. Latex, silicones 1.4. Technical carbon, vulcanizing agents, oils, plasticizers, fillers, tints, pigments, stabilizers and other chemical additives 1.5. Chemical fibers and yarns, technical textile 1.6. Synthetic and metal cords and other materials 2. Equipment and devices 2.1. For production of rubber, rubber mixtures, rubber goods, tires, products made of recycled materials 2.2. For retreading and recycling of worn tires 2.3. For quality control tests     *  Rubber mixers     *  Molding and vulcanizing equipment     *  Molds     *  Test equipment and devices     *  Tire repair and fitting equipment     *  Other 3. Finished products 3.1. General and special purpose rubber goodsFor automotive, machine building, electric engineering, power, construction, oil and gas, chemical and other industries     *  Molded and non-molded rubber goods     *  Conveyor belts; cables; rubber fabrics; rubber, metal-coated and rubberized fabric hoses; transmission and fan belts     *  Rubber roof materials, rubber plastic materials, hard rubber products     *  Antirust lining materials and covers, grommets, sealants, glues     *  Rubber life-saving and protection products     * Other 3.2. Tires for all types of wheels     *  Car tires     *  Agricultural tires     *  Aircraft tires     *  Industrial tires     *  Other 3.3. Goods made of recycled materials 4. Packaging and storage 5. Innovations, R&D 5.1 New developments and materials for tire and rubber manufacturing 5.2 New technologies 5.3 Investments in the tire and rubber industry 6. Environment protection, ecology 6.1. Waste recycling in the tire and rubber industry 6.2. Low and non-waste technologies 6.3. Equipment for environmental pollution control 7. Contract manufacturing 8. Services 8.1. Engineering, automation 8.2. Design and construction of tire and rubber manufacturing facilities 8.3. Software 8.4. Education and consulting 8.5. Transportation and storage 8.6. Information support (science and technology literature, information and reference publications, portals, databases, etc.)

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