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What's NEW

  • New suppliers on OKCHEM

    New certified suppliers on OKCHEM bring you more choices and simplify your chemical trade.

  • Product Comparison

    Product comparison helps you compare similar products at one place (add or remove products with one click)

  • Multiple Inquiring Ways

    You can send inquiry request or chat with the supplier to get the quotations

  • RFQ Online

    You can post one RFQ online to get multiple quotations from different suppliers.

  • Tailor-made Services

    A wide range of customized services can satisfy your trade needs and do more than you expect.

  • Live Chat

    If you have any questions about the product, you can talk to the supplier through online chat. 


  • To Supplier

    OKCHEM V2.0 Share your offerings around the globe

    OKCHEM V2.0 Get access to a ton of potential buyers overseas

    OKCHEM V2.0 Directly contact with the buyers and win big orders

  • To buyer

    OKCHEM V2.0 Buy quality chemicals from certified suppliers

    OKCHEM V2.0 Get customized services for your chemical trade

    OKCHEM V2.0 Purchase on ChemBnB group buying to buy quality chemicals at lower cost