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OKCHEM Reminding: Before you use OKCHEM website, please be sure to carefully read the following terms and agree with this statement. To protect your legitimate rights and interests, please fully understand the real information of the supplier before business cooperation. If you have any doubt about the products and company information posted by the supplier, please contact OKCHEM for consultation.

Your use of OKCHEM website will be deemed as your acceptance of the entire contents of this statement. OKCHEM is a professional chemical B2B network platform. Anyone and enterprise who use OKCHEM website should strictly observe the relevant nation laws and regulations. Any contraband chemical products are forbidden on OKCHEM (drugs, drugs easily to produce, stimulant, chemical products using in biochemical weapon, etc.).

Users are obliged to provide their real information at the time of registration and ensure the authenticity, validity, security, integrity and timely update of the data such as email address, contact number, contact address, postal code, etc., so that OKCHEM platform can provide services to users and make timely and effective contact with the users. OKCHEM website respects and protects the privacy of all users. Your registered user name, password and other personal information will not be disclosed to any third party without your permission.

OKCHEM is a network platform for information display. Information which appears on our website about our members or their products (including but not limited to company name, contact person and contact details, product description, specifications, photographs, and videos, etc.) are provided by the members. OKCHEM is not responsible or liable for the accuracy, propriety, legality or truthfulness of any such information. In addition, OKCHEM will not shoulder any responsibility for the conduct of any of our members in relation to their business activities using or providing information on the website.

Copyright Statement

OKCHEM website only provides uploading service for users and will not edit or make any changes to the content the users have uploaded. OKCHEM has always attached great importance to intellectual property protection and complied with all intellectual property laws, regulations and binding normative documents of the People's Republic of China. OKCHEM believes that the legitimate rights and interests of copyright, patent and other rights holders should be respected and protected in accordance with the law. This website firmly opposes any violation of the relevant laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China. Since we are unable to fully monitor all information uploaded by users to this website, we have developed measures and steps aimed at protecting the legitimate rights and interests of right holders. When the right holder and/or the right holder who can exercise the right according to law (hereinafter referred to as the "right holder") finds that the content uploaded by users on OKCHEM website violates their rights, the right holder shall send a notice of right appeal to OKCHEM website in advance, and OKCHEM website will take measures to delete the related content according to relevant laws.

Concrete measures and steps are as follows: if you are a right holder, and you think the content uploaded by OKCHEM website users have infringed your patent right, please make sure to send a written notification to OKCHEM, and you should be responsible for authenticity of the written statements. To facilitate our timely processing of your comments, your notification should contain at least the following:

(1) your name, contact information and address information
(2) the name of the information you want to delete and the site address on our web
(3) the preliminary evidence of infringement, please note that the following material may constitute a preliminary evidence
(4) proof of ownership of information suspected of infringement
(5) evidence of infringement of suspected information
(6) your signature

Please send the notification and relevant materials to the following address:
Copyright Principal
Hangzhou Alpha Technology Co., Ltd
West, F12, No. 99 Huaxing Road, Xihu District, Hangzhou, China, 310012

Upon receipt of notification in compliance with the above requirements, we will take appropriate action including but not limited to the content deletion. If the above requirements are not met, we will ask you to provide the relevant information, and temporarily do not take measures to delete the information.

Users who uploads information on the OKCHEM website shall be deemed to accept the appropriate measures taken by OKCHEM in respect of the preceding situations. OKCHEM website will not be liable for the breach of contract or any other legal liability. OKCHEM will send an email notification to users who upload such information upon receipt of the notification.