Please note that all emails sent by OKCHEM are from ***, service@mail., or Please be alert of other emails sent to you in the name of OKCHEM.


1. Do I need to register before I send inquiry/sourcing/factory audit/sample request?

If you can register before you send inquiry/sourcing/factory audit/sample request you can view all details in your member center after loging in. However, if you are not already registered on OKCHEM, you can send email or call OKCHEM directly for the service mentioned above. We can create an account for you after receiving your requirement if you agree.

2. How can I register?

To register, you need to leave your email address, set a 6 to 12-character password for your account and fill out the contact information. After that, we will send you an email, and you can click the link to activate your account. The whole process can be completed in one minute and it’s totally free. If you do not want to create an account, you can also login with your LinkedIn.

3. What if I forget the password and cannot login?

If you forget your password when you login, please click “Forgot Password” button, it will redirect where you can get the password back.

4. How can I search the product I need?

You can enter the product name, CAS No., manufacturer, etc., directly in the search bar; or search the product by the category and application. If you cannot find the product on our website, you can send your request to , our service team can help you with the sourcing work.

5. How can I send inquiries?

You can click “Inquiry Now” and it will direct you to the inquiry page, all you need to do is to fill out all the necessary information related to the product, delivery, payment.You can also send your RFQ to directly

6. How can I order trading services, such as factory audit, loading inspection, shipping practices, translation, etc.? How do you charge for these services?

As a professional chemical B2B platform, we offer various of customized services, and we charge differently for each services. We also have set up annual membership for you to get favorable discounts for these services. To order these services, please send your request to

7. How do I become a supplier?

Our website is open to both buyers and suppliers. For suppliers who want to publish products information, get ad space on the site, please contact us at and our marketing personnel will contact you offline to talk about the details.