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1. Do I need to register before I send inquiry/sourcing/factory audit/sample request?

If you can register before you send inquiry/sourcing/factory audit/sample request you can view all details in your member center after loging in. However, if you are not already registered on OKCHEM, you can send email or call OKCHEM directly for the service mentioned above. We can create an account for you after receiving your requirement if you agree.

2. How to register?

To register, go to the registration page and follow these steps:

- Sourcing

1. What is sourcing?

OKCHEM can help you source the most suitable suppliers and products from China in short time saving your time, money and energy. According to buyer demand in quality and application, we can offer you a complete range of solutions to suit your needs.

2. How do I require sourcing?

There are two ways to sourcing service on OKCHEM

1. Quick sourcing (Free)
2. Deep Sourcing (Charged)

3. How does OKCHEM select the suppliers and products in sourcing?

A group of potential suppliers will be inspected and selected and only qualified candidates with suitable products and reasonable price as required are approved. The products we source are confirmed to standards. And we will even go to factories by ourselves to check if necessary.

- Factory Audit
1. What is factory audit?

If you are not sure of some new supplier OKCHEM can help you check the detailed factory profile, production status, capacity, sales, as well as industry reputation without presenting yourself on site.

2. How do I require factory audit
3. What does a factory audit include?

The factory audit report includes document verification; observation of production area; final assessment according to your requirement. We can check the detailed factory profile production status, capacity, sales, as well as industry reputation without presenting yourself on site.

- Loading Inspection
1. What is inspection?

OKCHEM can help you inspect cargoes quantity package and other conditions you are concerned with before loading instead of you in person on site.

2. How do I require inspection?
3. What does a loading inspection include?

The loading inspectors report covers the quantity checking; package checking; container checking; pre-shipment sample collection for testing or reserve according to your requirement. A detailed report and on-site pictures will be provided to you for your final

- Sample Collection
1. What is sample collection?

OKCHEM can do both small and large collection of samples from different manufacturers and send them to clients together for quality testing determining the most suitable products and suppliers.

2. How do I require sample?
3. Can I require different samples from various suppliers?

Yes,we can collect all samples you need and send them together to you.

4. Which countries are allowed to place sample requests?

We can send samples to anywhere as long as international courier accepts.

5. Can I request samples with a 3rd party email account (such as Yahoo or Hotmail)?

Yes,the sample requests will be accepted both from valid email addresses that originate from a company (example

6. How much do product samples cost?

The cost consists of sample value and delivery cost.

The price of samples are provided by manufacturers and it may be free or not. However, OKCHEM can negotiate with manufacturers for competitive price and obtain low price of delivery service if it is not for free.

- Product Trade
1. What kind of products you can find on okchem.com?

We serve a great variety of chemicals and the application areas include but not limit to coating, dyestuff, plastic, cosmetic and food additive.

2. Can the product prices be negotiated further?

Generally,the prices from okchem.com are offered in basis of FOB. If you want to buy with other trade terms such as CIF or DDP, or with credit payment terms such as D/A 90days, the prices would be negotiated further with your requirement.

3. If I place the order how can I track my order?

We will email tracking details of your order to you along with your dispatch confirmation and you can find these details by logging into your account and viewing your order information in your member center. In addition, we recommend you to download the APP of Orker, which is designed for worldwide chemical order tracking and management. Any real-time change of your order status will be updated automatically on Orker.

4. Can I modify or cancel my order?

Due to our efforts to ensure that you receive your order quickly and as accurately possible you are not supposed to cancel your order after you have placed it with us. However, under exceptional circumstance, you can negotiate with our sales manager for modification or cancellations if both agree.

5. Can I ship in one container with different suppliers?

Yes,we can ship all your products together for you if possible, except for some goods which are not fit for mixture shipment, such as acid and alkali chemicals.

6. How can I claim for damages on quality of the goods?

First of all the quality of our products is controlled strictly by us. In case of damages on quality of the goods, the certificate of Quality, Quantity/Weight issued by manufacturer or supplier shall be taken as the preliminary proof of the quality, quantity/weight of the goods delivered. Buyer will have the right to inspect the goods at the time and place of delivery in a professional manner in time. If any problem, buyer is expected to give notice to OKCHEM of any claim for damages on account of the condition, quality, or grade of the goods, and Buyer is expected to specify in detail the basis of the claim. Then OKCHEM will deal with it immediately to give remedy solution after confirmation.

7. Whom I make the contract with?

Generally the contract is made with us, OKCHEM. You can enjoy the most suitable products and most reliable suppliers along with one-stop service, saving your time and energy and guaranteeing the quality of products and service.

8. What kinds of payment terms do you accept?

Based on your company credit and your business years with OKCHEM various credit payment terms, such as TT, LC, OA, DA, DP, can be available. Usually, we need to evaluate your company credit at first.

1. Is my privacy and personal information secured on your site?

We promise all activities and purchasing on our site are secured and protected.