Buyer's Guide

This guide will help you find the perfect service for your needs. Start by selecting a service category below...

If you need any additional information on service category details in OKCHEM Buyer’s Guide just contact with us as soon as possible by clicking the linkage.

- Register and Log in

Before starting to use OKCHEM please open and register as a member of OKCHEM if you feel interested. Creating an account can help you manage your order see past inquires and more by checking out your account center. You can also manage your account info, inquiry, order, sourcing and other activities after registration.

If you forget your password please click ‘ Forgot password’ button, it will redirect where you can get the password back.

If you do not want to sign up as a member there is a convenient way for you. Click the “Live Chat” button and ask whatever you want! Emails and phones are also welcome; our professional purchasing agents are always ready to help you.

- Search product on OKCHEM
How to retrieve products and suppliers
How to send inquiry

On the product detail page details, quotation and Specification are provided.

Click ‘Inquiry Now’, it will redirect to the inquiry page, where you can fill in all the info relates to product,delivery and payment. So that the supplier can get the exact and integral inquiry.

How to start global sourcing

there are two kinds of sourcing service on OKCHEM

I. Quick Sourcing (Free)

It is quick sourcing aimed to provide quick and free sourcing service to customers who want to get general and brief information about products they request.

Fill the Sourcing requirement table on Home Page and submit. OKCHEM confirm your request and reply to you with sourcing information via email or phone call

II. Deep Sourcing (Charged)

It deep sourcing aimed to provide with more professional sourcing service to customers who want to make comparison in price,quality and suppliers for purchasing decision. The charged deep sourcing service will generate professional sourcing report to better evaluate the sources.

Go to ‘Sourcing’ under ‘Service’. Click ‘Sourcing Now’, it will redirect to the sourcing page.

Our expert sourcing team will start sourcing work as soon as receiving sourcing order and provide you with sourcing report with several candidate suppliers and price comparison for determining the most suitable source. It is value-added service and it is charged.

- Factory Audit

We provide a range of services tailored to each client and specific to their needs making sure that your suppliers do a good job in China The results of our work is documented in comprehensive and easy to understand reports.

Enter Factory Audit page, press the ‘Apply Now’ button. Input the factory name and submit your requirement. Our expert factory audit team will contact you as soon as possible, making sure that we understand what our customers need exactly. The professional report will be generated for your evaluation and final decision.

- Financial Service

Enter Financial Service page, press the ‘Apply NOW’ button. it will jump to request interface. Please input therequired info for credit amount when you need it for orders

You are able to:

Apply financial credit

View credit payment history

Update account profile

Receive email/text payment alerts

The operator will feedback with result of Finance Credit. If the credit amount applied is approved it will help you get credit payment when doing business.

- Sample Collection

Enter Sample Collection page, press the ‘Apply’ button. Select or input necessary info of products and submit.

Our expert sample collection team will provide professional delivery service and report as soon as possible.

- Inspection

The service of full inspection on cargoes includes checking the quantity package; sending pre-shipment sample for testing or reserve.

Any cargoes that is damaged incomplete or missing should be recorded on report to verify that these conditions existed prior to loading, as an independent third party. We will try to help make up the situation and solve your problems in advance, avoiding further disputes.

Enter Inspection page. On this page click the button ‘Apply’. Input the necessary info and submit your requirement. Our expert inspection team will contact with you as soon as possible, making sure that we understand your demand exactly, and give feedback with professional loading inspection report after inspecting in site when loading all cargoes.