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What can I do to avoid scammers?

Verify the supplier's identity

While "Checked" and "Verified" in OKCHEM are not guarantees of safety, they increase the chances of a safe trading experience. Please take extra care trading with suppliers with neither "Checked" nor "Verified" logo, as they haven't been verified in any way by OKCHEM. Suppliers with "Checked" logo mean that they have been checked by OKCHEM and suppliers with "Verified" logo mean that their business license have been checked by OKCHEM.

Careful communication

Check the inquiries or quotations you receive match the suppliers who reply. Be sure you are dealing with the same supplier - check their company information matches the company you contacted.

Use all prudence you may use to check a supplier's validity offline

OKCHEM is just a network platform for information display and you need to take all the prudence when doing business with any supplier such as checking the supplier reliability, and evaluating risks of making any down payment. If there is any suspicious case, please contact our service ( to report a suspicious or asks us to help you check a supplier. You could also use our Factory Audit service to audit a supplier.

Extra attention in making payment

please take extra attention when you send payment to the supplier. Make sure that the account receiving the money is the company you are dealing with. Also, please double check if there is any risk that the supplier may not deliver products after receiving payment.

What can I do if I have been scammed?

If after you make the payment, the supplier fails to deliver products as promised or sends you wrong delivery documents and never replies you further, there is a possibility that you have been dealing with a scammer.

Solve the dispute with supplier

If there is a trade dispute, please contact supplier for solution first. If it does not work, you can submit dispute to negotiate with supplier further.

Contact OKCHEM to check and disable the suspicious account

You could also report the case to us by sending us a email (, we could suspend or disable the supplier’s account on OKCHEM.

What OKCHEM can do is very limited

Please be advised that OKCHEM is an information exchange platform only and the transaction was processed offline. We have no authority to impose compulsory sanction on any member. And if it is proved that the supplier should bear the responsibility for this trade dispute, then as punishment we will disable their OKCHEM account. This is the utmost OKCHEM can do for you. You may refer to the related disclaimer in Terms of Service which is given when you registered OKCHEM account.

What can I do if I have been scammed?

Providing a safe and secure environment for you to conduct business is our top priority and we are continuously improving our online security. We will disable suspicious accounts which have been deleted by us or reported by suppliers.

OKCHEM also gives different logos for suppliers to help buyers when evaluating supplier’s validity. For suppliers who have been checked by OKCHEM, they have a "Checked" logo in their company name on OKCHEM. For suppliers whose business license have been checked by OKCHEM, they have a "Verified" logo in their company name on OKCHEM.