About Us

OKCHEM.COM is an innovative specialized, and reliable chemical B2B platform, dedicated to providing convenient and safe chemical trade and one-stop solution to chemical suppliers and buyers globally, and increasing the value of international chemical trade.

With our abundant experiences and resources in chemical area we pride ourselves as an important link between suppliers and customers. From our industry specialists, our customers always receive exceptional service, problem solving solutions and technical advance for successful product implement.OKCHEM has been widely deployed in a number of vertical markets,and establish local branch offices worldwide for its localized operation strategy.It goes without saying that highest level our storage, transportation and order tracking achieved.


- Worldwide Sourcing

Chemical products listed on OKCHEM are sourced worldwide and come from reliable partners. OKCHEM offers a complete range of products to suit buyer's needs. From recommending qualified sellers to implementing factory audit we strive to provide comprehensive solution in chemical sourcing.

As to those chemicals which are unavailable on OKCHEM please submit your sourcing requirement on OKCHEM. We can procure the suitable chemical you need from sources throughout the world, ensuring stable quality and on-time delivery.

- Reliable Finance Service

Both sellers and buyers on OKCHEM can benefit from OKCHEM finance service options. OKCHEM provides capital support loan which enables sellers to receive the payment fast and reduce risk, and buyers to extend the payment term so that they will have more cash for investment.

- Strictly Controlled Quality

We ensure that our quality processes are implemented in the entire supply chain from suppliers to warehousing and the transport of goods to buyers.

In order to provide exceptional quality products OKCHEM not only has its own laboratory for quality control but also cooperate with third party institutes and testing agencies to ensure stable products quality.

We also regularly audit our suppliers to ensure that our customers receive the consistent quality of products available.

- On-time Delivery

We have an international-wide logistics network and could guarantee efficient and smooth delivery at low costs. We also establish firm relationship with manufacturers connecting with local stores, factories, warehouses and even trucks.

- Order Tracking

Orker is a simple reliable and effective mobile APP to help you track and manage your worldwide chemical trading orders from OKCHEM with mobile at anytime or anywhere.

Orker provides a professional order tracking :

- Technical Application Support

Through ongoing monitoring of industry trends and in-depth market knowledge our experts are constantly on products development and application opportunities, bonding our knowledge of chemicals and raw materials to the needs of buyers and provide value-added technical application supports.

- Expert Customer Care Service

Our customer care team works closely with local sales managers and can always help you in every aspect. From forecasting and delivery planning to keeping you up to date with the latest product developments or price trends, OKCHEM always strives to keep you one step ahead of your competitors.