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  • Coating Materials
    Coating Materials >>

    Coating materials mainly include pigments, adhesives, additives and water. The combination of these four ingredients are closely related with the quality of the paper.

  • Colouring Agents
    Colouring Agents >>

    Coloring agents are used in the processing of paper making. A coloring agent is any dye, pigment or substance which when added to paper will impart a color.

  • Deinking Agents
    Deinking Agents >>

    Deinking agents are used for the removal of ink when recycling paper. The deinking chemical agents are based on formulations of sodium hydroxide, sodium hydrosulfite, hydrogen peroxide, chelating agents and surfactants.

  • Pulping Chemicals
    Pulping Chemicals >>

    Pulping chemicals refer to all the chemicals used in the manufacturingprocess of virgin fiber or regenerating nerve fibre. They mainly include talcum powder, cooking additives, anti-foaming agents resin control agents and preservatives.