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  • Drilling Mud Chemicals
    Drilling Mud Chemicals >>

    Drilling mud chemicals are chemical additives used in the drilling fluid. They are include tackifiers, filtrate reducers, corrosion inhibitors , dispersing agents, leak stopping agents, emulsifiers, shale control agents, etc.

  • Oil Recovery Chemical Agents
    Oil Recovery Chemical Agents >>

    Oil recovery chemical agents refer to the chemical agents used to the process of the oil extracted from bottom hole to the ground. They include wax cleaning agents, fracturing fluids, oil acidizing fluids, water plugging agents, etc.

  • Enhanced Oil Recovery Chemicals
    Enhanced Oil Recovery Chemicals >>

    Enhanced oil recovery chemicals are the chemicals for increasing the amount of crude oil that can be extracted from an oil field. They are mostly polymers, surfactants and alkaline chemical reagents.

  • Oil And Gas Gathering Chemicals
    Oil And Gas Gathering Chemicals >>

    Oil and gas gathering chemicals are used in oil and gas transportation process to ensure the quality of the oil and gas, guarantee the production process and reduce energy consumption. They include demulsifiers for crude oil, pour point depressants, drag reduction agents, viscosity reducers, etc.