What Makes RUICHEM Unique

Multiple Benefits while Risk-free

As a regional agent, you will get incomes not only from your own sales of products, but also from other customer agents you introduced.

Most Stable Quality and Competitive Price Supported

The product quality is very stable. Ruichem has Stable Quality Technical centers for quality control, central data and application test for every batch to make sure products meet requirements of different customers.

We have built long-term strategic cooperative relations with suppliers of raw material, so that we can provide long-term and stable supply and support quarterly even semi-annual pricing.

Flexible pricing gives the agent favorable price and safeguard clause. That is the price will be maintained for a period when the market price is rising and the price will be reduced accordingly if the market price reduced. The safeguard clause minimizes the risk and ensures the benefit for the agent.

Stable Supply and Local Warehouse Guaranteed

Different from international transportation, local office, local people and the local Warehouse make sure fast delivery to European countries. Even the market supply is very tight, please rest assured that there will be no delay in delivery.

Diversified Products for Various Applications

We provides TiO2s designed for a wide range of applications, including general applications in paint, plastics, ink, and special applications in paper, chemical fiber, food, cosmetic, pharmaceuticals. Diversified applications make sure our agent can meet different professional customers. View products

Advanced Technology and Customizable Products

Flexible and diverse technical services enable us to provide customized products according to customer’s application or special requirements. Customized solutions help customers control their cost better and promote their stability of performance and formula.

Service and Training Make Business Easy

We provide the agent with Professional Training and technology support online. If the agent have any problem of tech or sales, he can communicate with us online and our professional staff will help him to solve it.

With the demand of about 1460,000 tons per year, accounting for 23.20% of global TiO2 demand, Europe is the second biggest market.

RUICHEM also attaches great importance to the European market. As one of the top titanium dioxide exporters from China, RUICHEM exports about 42% of its titanium dioxide to Europe.

By recruiting local sales agent, RUICHEM hopes to expand European market share further hand in hand with our agents and share our benefits together.

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